Color Tips for Makeup

Makeup color tips

color tips for makeupDid you ever stop to think of the importance of colors? Each color gives rise to different moods and evokes different emotions. Some colors are soothing, others are vibrant and energetic. Some colors are fresh and soft, others hard and fierce.


Color combinations are also very important. Some colors enhance each other, while other colors overpower each other. As a general rule, contrasting colors tend to strengthen each other. If you are already familiar with all this, you’ll understand the importance of choosing clothes and makeup with colors that work for you. If you consciously choose colors that enhance your appearance, you’ll look much better in no time at all.


General color advice

Your facial complexion, more than your hair color, determines the colors that will look good on you. To find colors that flatter you best, hold up garments with different shades to your face – preferably against natural light, and assess the effects. It might be useful to ask for advice from friends and family as to which tint looks best on you. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors.

Be open to new colors, be it bright or classic colors. Because these colors are striking and attract attention, use them to accentuate your strengths. This holds true for both your clothes and makeup. If you have full lips, then emphasize it with a striking color. If you have beautiful eyes, do not be afraid to paint them with deep, dark and striking colors.


Color Tips and good color combinations

Here are some general tips and sample color combinations to show the effects that you can achieve, in order to serve as inspiration for future experiments.  Once you are familiar with color combinations, you will see that you can achieve a plethora of different effects with the right color combinations.

  • White accentuates bronze skin, while black makes your skin look paler but it is fantastic if you are deeply tanned.
  • The skin reflects colors you wear close to your face. Therefore, you can choose to use cool shades like green, blue and purple on your face.
  • Green tints (green correction stick) are useful for camouflaging red spots, pimples and the veins in your face
  • Lipstick in light and cool shades like pale pink can make your teeth look yellowish, while lipstick in warm red tones make your teeth appear whiter
  • Warm hair colors give pale faces a healthier complexion, dark hair colors make the facial features appear  pale and harder (not necessarily negative)
  • Use yellowish or orange hues to counter dark circles under your eyes
  • Bluish hues cause reddened eyes to appear whiter
  • Blue eye makeup can enhance blue eyes if they are of contrasting hues; dark eye makeup accentuates light blue eyes, while turquoise and striking blue hues are better for dark eyes
  • Green eyes call for greener hues like purple, violet and pink
  • Copper, bronze and gold tones are perfect for brown eyes
  • Light-colored nail polish makes your hands and feet look tanned, while dark nail polish makes you look fair

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