Most Common Beauty Mistakes


Common beauty mistakes are often made at the workplace, whether it be makeup, hair or skin care. Although we often try to look our very best, there are just some days when everything seems to go wrong. Listed below are the 10 most common blunders found in the workplace.

Beauty Mistakes

Makeup gone awry

A line along the lashes that melts gradually as the day passes, eyeshadow that accumulates makeup stains in the creases surrounding the eyes, it is generally agreed that these cases are simply intolerable. If you find that your makeup does not last as long as you need it to, our advice would be to try different (and less fatty) products. Use ‘drier’ eye pencils and try waterproof products. Use foundation or powder as base for your eye makeup to prevent them wearing out. One last thing is to check up constantly on your makeup. It is okay to look in the mirror occasionally and to retouch your makeup.


Lumpy mascara

Mascara is a must, but not when it causes your eyelashes to clump together. A mascara deteriorates the very moment you open the bottle. After only a few months, your mascara will start to go lumpy. For flawless eye makeup, make sure that you always work with ‘fresh’ mascara.


Wrong foundation

Your choice of foundation is crucial to your overall look. Select a tone that matches your face color. Dark foundations are usually out of the question. Thick and opaque foundations are always found within the list of “top 10 beauty mistakes ‘, as they tend to emphasize wrinkles, pimples and blemishes.

Contrasting lipliner


Do not ever line your lips with a color that contrasts with that of your lipstick. If you do choose to line your lips, ensure that it has the same shade as your lipstick and let them blend and overlap nicely.


Oddly shaped eyebrows

Eyebrows that are too narrow, eyebrows that are shapeless, eyebrows that are irregular in shape or eyebrows with gaping holes are also high on the ‘mistake-charts. Take your time when plucking your eyebrows. Remove it strand by strand and ensure that you do not remove too much of it. If you’re feeling uncertain about plucking your eyebrows, it’s best to leave it to the beautician, as eyebrow hairs takes ages to regrow.


Unkempt hands and chipped nail polish

Rough hands, peeling skin around the nails and chipped nail polish are unacceptable. If your nail polish is chipped, simply remove it with a nail polish remover. Use heaps of moisturizing cream especially during the winter to prevent dry, chapped hands. There are many products available to serve this purpose.


Facial blemishes

Pimples, blackheads, dull complexion, flaky skin. Sometimes, these conditions are caused by weather conditions, while pimples are often unavoidable. But your complexion shows whether your skin is properly cared for. Scrub and cleanse your face twice every day and use a suitable face cream (talk to your doctor, pharmacist or a knowledgeable person)to get rid of problems like dry skin, pimples, acne or blackheads.


Wild hair and split ends

Wild hair and split ends are conditions that doesn’t require much explanation. Go to the hairdresser’s and get that much needed trim. You’ll feel much better about yourself.

Read more about split ends in our article “What are you doing against split ends?”

Outdated makeup

Using the same old makeup year in, year out, day in, day out. Using the same repetitive colors and line is an act of disrespect towards yourself. Just like your wardrobe, you should modify your makeup from time to time. Yet this is all too often forgotten. Take some time to experiment, vary the colors, change the accents and play with different textures and shapes.


Never overdo or under-do your makeup

Too much makeup (or too little makeup), too much botox, overly white teeth, the list goes on and on. It’s good always pay attention to your appearance, but do not overdo it. The secret to achieving a radiant and beautiful appearance is to look “natural”. Always remember this word, whether you’re having a makeover at a salon or if you are planning to go under the surgeon’s knife.

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