Creative combinations from your own wardrobe

Creative dressing combinations

Creative dressing combinationsOne of the positive effects of the crisis is that you remember that you are a creative being. Seized by a thrifty mood (what do you do with all those depressing posts?), I decided to give it a go shopping in your own wardrobe for a change. And that led to unexpected and – if I say so myself – creative combinations. Inspired by skirts, dresses, sweaters and blouses of yesteryear, I came upon innovative ideas.

Our advice for a boring afternoon is therefore to agree to go shopping in your own wardrobe. Subtract the time ahead. Make sure there is only one mirror in the neighborhood and create striking combinations. Not (completely) influenced by the latest trends, but especially by your own personal fashion sense. Make your own fashion statement and give these dreary winter days flair with a striking outfit. Create an anti-trend and ban the standard combinations that everyone walks around with for months now.

Need ideas? Here are 10 examples of combinations. Shop your closet just after you review these.

  1.  Trench coat with rain boots / boots Stylish (and practical) for rainy days: a classic trench coat with rubber wellies (green classic or trendy black). Also riding boots are chic under a trench (clean them!). Tie a brightly scarf around your neck or wear the trench coat with a wide leather belt at the waist.
  2.  Tweed with polka dots
    Dandy look for her tweed is the combination with polka dots. Tweed trousers with a blouse with polka dots are cool, especially if you finish with a tough jacket.
  3.  Skinny jeans with summer shoes
    Tip: for dry winter. Have you already purchased a pair of pumps for the summer? Then wear funny stockings under your skinny jeans or leggings. Especially light summer leather contrasts nicely with jeans wear or dark tights. Bought no new summer heels? You must have something fun standing still!
  4.  A man’s hat or a man’s jacket
    Loop also equally by father’s or brother’s closet. ‘Men’s hats for her’ is in fashion and they look tough. Or combine a men’s unlined jacket with skinny jeans. Wear a romantic blouse or an 80s t-shirt with print underneath!
  5.  Anti-winter statement: go for bright summer colors

Make unusual but especially bright color combinations. And mix flowers with diamonds, polka dots with stripes. Have courage, make a statement.

  1.  Walk forward to the new summer colors
    Check your wardrobe for the new summer colors. Maybe you have already some hanging there. Look out especially for: lemon yellow, lime, lavender (or purple), sugar blue, emerald green, mustard yellow, fuchsia, coral red, skin colors and powder pink. Combine lime with soft blue, soft gray with lavender, blue with powder pink, or – for a more wintery look – fawn with blue.
  2.  Hot accessories

You’re probably still mad at summery colored accessories. Wear them with your winter outfit. Give your appearance (and days) color.

  1.  Go wild with animal prints
    Animal Prints – tiger, leopard, and zebra – will always remain in fashion. Make a fashion statement with a single item. Pull those pumps or ballet flats with tiger print again to your feet, or wear that (horrible) leopard scarf with your classic winter coat. Do not take yourself too seriously!
  2.  Learning summer trousers
    Next summer leather pants are very trendy. But maybe you still have something from years ago? Beware those pants. Check if the style can still be used a basis for a new, creative combination.
  3.  Make a small investment: go for treggings

Okay, so anyways back to the store to buy a new, trendy item: treggings, which are kind of leggings you wear as pants. They are often carried out in a thicker material. And the favorite treggings are shiny (as they are a bit like a tight leather pants and have a similar plastic feel). Wear them with bold black for a cool look, or combine them with a summer dress (with a turtleneck underneath against the cold) that you already have.

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