Dating tips on vacation (part 1)

Dating tips on vacation (part 1)Vacation Dating Tips

How often does it happen that you see a cute guy while you are on vacation, and would like to have a chat, or more? Whether on vacation in Greece or closer to home, there are inevitably chances to flirt and speak to a cute person so grab that chance!

Of course this is easier said than done. At the moment he looks at you with his dark velvety eyes, suddenly you feel insecure and inhibited by doubt. It is hard to take the first step to approaching him and maybe it is our upbringing for us to be more passive about romantic situations. However now is the time to take matters into your own hands.


You come in and his presence strikes you immediately. He is strong, muscular, sensual and sexy but is busy speaking to his friends and what are you doing? Standing there feeling ridiculous and unsure of how to approach him. If the table next to him is not free, find another place as close as you can to him so you can watch him and hopefully fall into his line of vision. There is no need to be conspicuous; use mirrors or windows to be sure that you see him stand up.

In the meantime, do everything you can to ensure he notices you. A seductive smile or a sexy gesture such as tossing your hair behind you, or brush a hair off your face prettily can go a long way, and he is bound to notice you after this.

Now that you have his attention and he is aware of your presence, still act coy as if you aren’t that interested in him, but be sure your eyes meet occasionally, “accidentally”. Then look away quickly, blushing if you can.

Obviously you will continue speaking to your friends but always maintain a feminine attitude by crossing your legs or slowly turning your glass between your fingers, all while looking at him and catching his eyes occasionally.

If you are confident in yourself, there is just the one choice to make: to approach him or not. Involve your friends and have them use the restroom so you are alone at the table. If he does not approach, maybe he is shy or you are not his type but don’t be disappointed. If this is the case, continue smiling at him and try to gain his confidence. If he does not smile back, move on. If he does, perhaps you can find a good opportunity to walk closely by his table or even approach him if his friends get up for something.

One more naughty trick that is almost guaranteed to work is to walk into a bar, sit at a table and order a drink but do nothing. Just sit quietly and act bored, do not look into your purse for something to do and do not play on your phone. Chances are you will get a drink from an interested man within ten minutes. Please note: only do this if you are daring, and remember that how you dress is important; you do not want to attract the wrong kind of man.

Also do not get discouraged if nothing comes of your vacation in terms of romance. Do not throw in the towel! Enjoy your vacation anyway, after all that is what vacations are for. Oftentimes, the man of your dreams will cross your path when you are least expecting it.


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