The initial contact has been made, but now…

Dating TIPS ON VACATION (PART 2) Now it’s time to see if you have his attention. We have five tips for you. These are just ideas, but maybe they will be useful to you in this situation.

Give him all the attention. Give him the idea that he is the only man in the world, that he is strong and important, that you feel safe with him. Ask him questions and listen attentively to his stories. Try to find out as much as possible about him. What are his strengths? What is important to him? Play into the answers he gives you. If he is the macho type, give him a compliment about his biceps or sunglasses. If he is proud of his job, then congratulate him on that.

Do not dress too flashy, too sexy, or too challenging. The look of the ‘clean’ and ‘innocent’ girl is always good. So dress cute and feminine, but with a naughty, sexy detail, for example, a just too small sweater, bare, groomed feet, or a short (but not too short) dress or slightly low cut blouse. Act as if you are unaware of your own charm.

Call him by his name often, especially in the beginning, if you have just made contact with each other. He will immediately notice if you remember his name, which also makes him feel important and keeps the atmosphere comfortable. After a little bit of conversation you can flirt a little more aggressively by putting your hand on his arm for a few seconds when laughing at a joke of his or by giving him a quick kiss on the cheek if he says something sweet. Do it so that you almost seem embarrassed you did it, which endears yourself to him
When you finally have the feeling that he likes you, he sees something in you, and that he would like to spend the night with you, do not let him know he’s won. Go talk to a friend, ignore him just a little bit and smile sweetly at a friend and wait for him to look for you. If you go home together you can bet on a night of fireworks!Play with the intonation of your voice. Whisper sweet nothings to him, preferably with a slightly hoarse voice, and then resume your conversation with your normal voice, only to interrupt with a seductive smile. In short, let him know that you like him, but maintain coyness. He must not be too sure of his case.


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