The right clothing, the right makeup

Dating TIPS ON VACATION (PART 3) We are already 0n Part 3 of our summer dating tips: how you dress and how you apply your makeup. This is of course the first thing to consider when you think about going out for an evening.

Well, you’re on vacation with friends and decide to go out for a night. There’s sensual electricity in the air and you are excited. But how should you dress and what makeup should you use? Before you walk into the closet, it is good to remember that you will be delivering a clear message just by the outfit you wear and how you apply your makeup and style your hair.

The Life of the Party

If you like to stand out and be the center of attention, you can wear a striking little dress, but do not overdo the sexiness.

The easiest way to create a sensual and seductive look is to show some skin of course. It is summer, after all! But beware: hole onto your own style and choose clothing that suits you. Too much skin showing can also attract a type of men you are not interested in attracting; always be aware of this.

Furthermore, the colors you wear also determine the message you want to deliver. Red is a color that attracts attention and represents passion and sensuality. A red dress is an absolute attention grabber.

Tight clothing is another area to use caution. Tight clothing from head to toe is something that only few of us can actually pull off, plus it will grab the attention of certain people. Often you achieve the right combination of tight and sexy when only one clothing item is tight.

Thin, high heels are eminently seductive and feminine but you must be able to walk. If you cannot walk, you are setting yourself up for very sore feet at the end of the night and also putting yourself at risk to look like a fool. Also, be sure to get a pedicure.
Not everyone likes to be the center of attention or to be the eye-catcher. Sometimes we like to just be beautiful in a shy way.The Girl Next Door

Let’s start with the basics. A skirt with a feminine top always does very well. Only wear a mini if you feel you can absolutely pull it off while maintaining the girl next door vibe. Otherwise, go with a classic A-line skirt that falls to the knees. What applies to the skirt also applies to the top. You must feel good about the fit and how it fits your figure. If you are proud of your breasts, wear a shirt that emphasizes them, but not if the shirt is backless unless you have a strapless/backless bra to wear so it does not show in the back.

If you feel uncomfortable in bright colors, choose black or other similarly dark color. It is not a myth: dark colors do make you look slightly slimmer, but this does not mean you can wear anything as long as it is black. If it does not look good on you, do not wear it! If you are looking for a more down to earth look, wear hip hugger pants and a feminine shirt or t-shirt for a casual cool look.

High heels are not necessarily a must for the girl next door look. Beautiful flat thongs with colored rhinestones or gemstones can be just as sexy, especially if you have beautiful groomed and manicured feet.

Now for the details. In the dark, sparkling accessories provide momentum to your outfit. Sparkling diamond earrings reflect on your face, or a necklace with a sparkling stone subtly draws attention to your cleavage. A belt with sparkling rhinestones around your waist does well with a skirt or pants that are low-waisted. This jewelry should also complement your skin tone.

You can create a sunny, summery look with coral and turquoise stones, combined with gold jewelry. But the most important accessory you can wear is your skin. Use a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly to ensure soft glowing skin. For an extra sexy look, use some lightly reflective lotion in your cleavage and shoulders/collarbones for a sunkissed look.


For makeup, we have already said the most important thing. A natural, dewy glow is the perfect finish to any outfit. As far as other makeup always accentuate your strongest feature, whether it be your eyes or your mouth. Do not accentuate too much or you end up looking garish. Typically only one feature is accentuated. A blood-red lipstick can be very sensual but only use a light liner and mascara for your eyes. If your eyes are your best feature, play them up and use only a clear gloss on your mouth.


Finally we get to the hairstyle. It is proven, men love loose hair best. Take care of your hair with a shampoo and conditioner especially formulated for your hair type, whether curly or straight and sleek. Typically the more volume, the better but remember this is the 21st century, not the 1980s. If you feel a sophisticated glam look would match your outfit better, comb your hair then smooth it back with hair gel.

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