Breakfast: Vital for Diet


Do you suffer from a sweet tooth, yet want to lose weight? If so, we have good news for you! Take a look at these diet breakfast tips and tricks we have written down for you.  

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In an ideal diet breakfast is the king

One of the latest discoveries when it comes to dieting and losing weight is that it is easier to maintain a healthy weight if you eat a full breakfast. When you eat a hearty nutritious breakfast you have energy for the entire day, which helps your body’s metabolism stay steady. Along with helping metabolism, there will also be less sugar spikes throughout the day because you will not feel the need to snack on unhealthy items like doughnuts or pastries which will cause you to crash and burn later in the day.

A Hearty Diet Breakfast will keep your cravings at bay 

A good breakfast provides you with the necessary calories (in other words, energy) for the day to come, and also makes it easier to avoid unhealthy food items. A study by the University of Tel Aviv headed by Daniela Jakubowicz was carried out showing that the hunger hormone levels are best satiated at the first meal of the day. A good breakfast ensures that this hunger hormone is satiated and makes you less likely to overeat and eat unhealthy items throughout the day.

The University of Tel Aviv has conducted a survey among 193 people who followed a diet with the same number of calories. The only difference was that the calories of the day were divided differently between carbohydrates and proteins. Half of the study participants ate lean, healthy breakfasts while the other half ate mostly sugary foods like pastries and cakes.

All participants lost weight over time primarily due to the time frame of when the people ate, which was in the morning shortly after waking. However, participants in the lean protein group weighed less overall than the participants who ate pastries for breakfast. The lean protein group also mostly kept the weight off after some time, versus the pastries group who all gained it back plus some more.

It is clear from Jakubowicz’ study that people who eat a healthy breakfast in the morning feel better overall and tend to weigh less. So you can eat anything you want for breakfast, including pastries, and still lose weight but when you change to a healthy breakfast you will probably keep the weight off. By continuously denying yourself what you want, you may end up bingeing on them anyhow, reducing the healthy breakfast’s effectiveness on your weight loss.

Once again, this shows that deprivation is not a good way to diet, but that moderation in everything is key, including moderation. Go ahead and have that cheese Danish at breakfast, just be sure to have a healthy lunch and dinner that day.

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