EYELASHESThere all sorts of eyelashes available, be it individual eyelashes that you adhere to your own eyelashes strand by strand or a complete eyelashes. They are sexy and tend to make your eyes look bigger, but only if you use them correctly


Eyelashes: the Wonderbra of eye makeup

There is an increasing presence of fake eyelashes in makeup collections. The big name in this field is of course Shu Uemura, which produces brilliant and creative collections every season. Some of their eyelashes come adorned with feathers, others with colored stones or even real diamonds. You can always rely on their eyelashes to provide an exceptional and distinctive look.


Aside from these, there are also many fake eyelashes that look perfectly natural. They accentuate your eyes, giving you long and full lashes without appearing contrived. In America false lashes are widely known as “the Wonderbra of eye makeup.”


Fake eyelashes were invented in 1916

America (where else?) is also the birthplace of fake eyelashes. A rumor was that the American film director Griffith invented the fake eyelashes in 1916 for the leading actress in his film. He wanted her to have long lashes that would overshadow her cheeks. A wig maker took on Griffith’s idea and proceeded to make fake lashes from human hair.

Since then, the fake eyelashes has enjoyed unsurmountable fame. Legendary actresses and fashion models covet this accessory, with a striking example being the English model and actress Twiggy.


Contemporary lash designer Christina Smith

A contemporary expert on false eyelashes is the lash designer Christina Smith. She designed fake eyelashes for celebrities like Liza Minnelli (well known for her fake ones), Kate Hudson and Gisele Bundchen. She also has her name attached to the Mac Cosmetics’ eyelash collection.

According to Christina Smith, fake eyelashes should be part of the beauty regimen of every woman because they make you look sexy and desirable.

Steps for putting fake eyelashes

Christina Smith has drawn up a roadmap of sorts or applying false eyelashes. With her detailed instructions, you should be able to apply it yourself.

First she recommends placing a mirror under your chin and look down while adhering the fake eyelashes. You can see your upper eyelid easily this way. Then apply a little glue on the entire length of the eyelash (there are also experts who recommend other methods but we believe that Smith’s method is simpler). Then let the glue dry for about 30 seconds so that the glue is no longer liquid. Then you bring the lash to your lash line.Christina Smith recommends using an ‘orange stick’ for this purpose, but you can also press your lashes with the back of a small makeup brush. Before attaching your lashes, apply mascara on your lashes and curl it with a curler. Always finish your eye makeup before attempting to put on the fake lashes.


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