Eyeliner as a stress-meter


EyelinerEyeliner has long been one of the must haves when it comes to makeup, due to its extreme versatility in changing one’s appearance. As such, there are numerous techniques of lining your eyes. Some prefer drawing the line bit by bit, using an oblique cut brush and a kohl pencil to dot along the lashes. Others opt for easily smudged gel eyeliner and a brush. There are also those who prefer an ‘automatic’ liquid eyeliner that’s easy to use.


Regardless of which technique you choose, if you line your eyes regularly, you will eventually realize that it is rather difficult to draw straight, symmetrical lines on both your eyes, as they may differ slightly in shape. However, you will improve with experience and the lines will look better with practice. But applying eyeliner still requires undivided attention and concentration, no matter how practiced you are. As we exchanged experiences in the newsroom, we came to the conclusion that eyeliner is actually a perfect stress-o-meter.

The calmer you are, the easier it is to draw two beautiful lines. But trouble would be sure to ensue if you’re   rushing for time, or if your partner chooses to enter the bathroom during that inopportune moment. The line would then swerve out of course and may need to be repaired with cotton swabs. In the worst scenarios, you may even have to start from scratch!

What if you’re under stress and in a terrible hurry at the same time? Perhaps you may draw a shaky and uncertain line (exactly as you feel), or the shape you drew will turn out to be different from what you have imagined. Maybe you might draw a line with the perfect shape but which is much broader and higher than usual. Before you know it, the line might have streaked over half your eyelid.


If you’re working with kohl, you can decide to color the entire area (like you would an eyeshadow) to remedy your mistake, but if you are using liquid eyeliner, you would have no choice but to redo your eyes, albeit with a thicker line.
In short, the eyeliner is a good stress meter! The line on your eyes reflects your mood at the moment of application. If you were stressed or nervous, the line on your eyes would look crooked or imperfect. Therefore, to achieve the perfect line, take a deep breath, relax, and draw the line in good spirits.

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