10 tips for a fashionable winter look

Tips for a perfect winter look

tips for a fashionable winter look

There comes a time when you’re tired of winter. That you are no longer want to be in all those layers of clothing… That you want to trade for an elegant version, without having to suffer the cold… That you want to get rid of that shapeless, colorless and repelling winter silhouette… Here are 10 tips for a sophisticated but warm smart dress winter look. You don’t have to wait until winter is over to wear your beautiful dress!

Tip 1. You should trust pumps and high-heeled boots again

Fur Boots may be wonderfully warm, but then they give you the refined grace of an elephant. After a few months of waddling don’t you want to wear again beautiful shoes with heels or nice boots? In order to avoid getting your feet cold, put fur insoles in your shoes (or insert pads of lambskin) and swap your woolen stockings or socks to cashmere. Cold feet belong to the past. Everyone will wonder how you play ready to face them.

Tip 2. Miniskirt with fur boots

We get that you will not let your fur boots go (despite cashmere socks and fur insoles), so shift the focus over to your clothes. To create ultra-feminine looks, wear your fur boots with a mini skirt (or a short dress) and a thick woolen tights instead of jeans.

Tip 3. Thick woolen tights

Leggings are a bit on its return. Thin tights and fishnet stockings are trendy again, but by no means hot. A good alternative to wool tights (they also make you look slightly slimmer than leggings). Go for a pair of thick (matte) tights in a dark color for sleek, hot legs under your winter dress or skirt.

Tip 4. Fantasy Parties

Nature falls silent, but you make your day flare (fleur!) with a cheerful floral pattern (or a graphic fantasy as we see a lot at the moment). Otherwise you can cheer (and update) with the leopard prints that are currently in vogue. They usually have a beautiful print on the head, light background and are much more sophisticated than before. Check the sales out!

Tip 5. Warm underwear is the trick for a slimmer silhouette

Look at the department of thermal underwear. Once you’re used to it, you don’t want anything else. The advantage is that you can dispense easily from one or two of your usual layers. By using this method your silhouette (and your mood) benefits. Choose underwear that fits nicely and therefore keeps warm but is also makes you look slim.

Tip 6. Underline your figure with an imposing fur coat (faux fur of course!)

Change of winter. Look in the closet or hang something up quickly to create another round on sales. Focus on coats that complement your figure. Give your silhouette line. Wear a belt at the waist (on your winter coat). Keep in mind that you want to be out of that formless layer-on-layer silhouette in winte,r where we all too often lapse away.

For radically different looks, you can also opt for one of those big and colorful fur coats (faux fur) which are very trendy this season. Looks happy and beautiful and is also wonderfully warm!

Tip 7. Away from black and dark colors

Black is in, but that does not mean that we don’t wear light colors this winter. Go for the new ‘nudes’ (so beautiful!) or fleur your outfit with bright color accents. I recently saw a fashion model wearing a pair of light gray trousers combined with a long cobalt blue sweater, a blue short jacket and a thick fuchsia scarf with matching hat. She looked super trendy and cheerful!

Tip 8. Wool in place of a pair of layers of cotton

Under a thick woolen vest you can wear a transparent blouse or a sweater with sequins. That gives your look instantly something festive. Replace all those layers of cotton once by a combination of super warm materials like wool and (even better!) cashmere and super chic materials like voile and satin.

Tip 9. Hat and scarf

Wear hats and scarves with flair. You add charm to your looks with beautiful colors. Play with colors and unusual color combinations. Drape a scarf with a flattering fantasy around your neck and voice your make-up over it (pink lipstick, pink rosy red cheeks or chic red lips).

Tip 10. Update your look with fashion accessories

Fashion accessories are perfect to freshen up your look. Go along to get creative. A beautiful bag, a pair of leather gloves, a nice hat or perhaps a leather cap… Add a little specialty to your looks. This will make you happy (and the people around you too!).

Finally, there is time to pull out to dress

If you don’t have time to think about your outfit, then it makes sense for you to get into those eternal jeans with a jacket. Pull it once off from your wardrobe use it for an afternoon. Make matches and think about the looks that you’ve seen on the streets and who you find trendy. Browse through magazines to get ideas. Behind every successful outfit there is time and creativity. Nobody looks elegant and beautiful without sustaining themselves any trouble. Think and wear new combinations from your closet with nonchalance and charm, like you accidentally have pulled it off. That’s the trick for looking effortlessly chic winter look.

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