First Date First Impression

first date first impressionFirst impressions count, they say. And of course that applies especially to the first date. It is an encounter that leaves both sides with doubts and uncertainties. Here are some tips to help you make your best first impression.

The first impression counts
if we want to, we can all make a good impression. We as women have many tools at our disposal in this area, and we need to learn how to use them.

Your Smile
A smile is like the sun emerging from behind the clouds. A beautiful, heartfelt smile is enchanting. Step towards him smiling and show your interest in his stories with a smile.

Your appearance
Be sure to be well groomed with light, natural makeup that is not too thick, and be sure to dress in a classy dress with high heels; this will capture every man’s heart. If you prefer pants, choose fitted slacks and pretty, feminine tops as well as a pair of beautiful shoes. Avoid overly sexy clothing and thick perfume.

You may be naturally beautiful but if you do not portray elegance and class there will be something missing to a man, and he will notice. The cut of your clothing to fit your body perfectly is very important, as is not wearing too much makeup and perfume, as if you are trying too hard to impress him.

Men are visual creatures yes, but eventually every man would like to see a potential partner in a person, and intelligence comes into play. If a man cannot hold a conversation or laugh with/at you about things, then he will not see any reason to pursue you. This does not mean to tell him your life story on the first date or summarize what you did not care for about your exes. Stay on safe topics like the latest news and weather. Do not be afraid of silences either, sometimes that can spark a romantic gaze.

Your attitude
Try to simply be yourself. If you feel restles and insecure inside, force yourself to relax and count slowly backwards from 10 to 1. This prevents you from doing something embarrassing like falling while walking or dropping your bag. Take your time in answering his questions thoughtfully. First it is not a quiz and second, you avoid saying something you regret later.

Body language
Your smile may speak volumes along with your eyes, but body language can fill in any gaps. Look at him during the date and do not be afraid of making eye contact. If you really like him, you can show him by placing your hand on his arm for a second.


Humor is important. Men love a woman with a sense of humor but do not try to force yourself to adapt to his idea of humor just to seem fake. As long as you show him that you don’t take yourself or the world too seriously, he will appreciate your honesty, and that is refreshing.

You may be so busy with trying to make a good first impression on him that you forget he is trying to make a good first impression on you! Do not set the expectations too high for him. Rarely will sparks fly immediately on a first date but give him a chance, listen to and observe him and follow your female intuition. Do not be too disappointed if nothing happens and always be honest with yourself; don’t try to stretch nothing into something. This is not your last chance at love. There are so many men in the world!

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