The first date, first impressions count

First date, first impression

first date first impressionFirst impressions count, they say. Of course that applies to a first date, especially. It is an encounter that often leaves both parties with many doubts and uncertainties. However, we have a few simple rules that make it very easy for us women. Here are our tips.

The first impression counts
If we want to, we can all make a good impression. We as women have many powers over our appearance and how we act. You just need to know just how to use it, just like the mischievous god of love, Cupid, knows how to shoot a man right in the heart with an arrow.


Your Smile
A smile is like the sun emerging from behind the clouds. A beautiful, heartfelt smile is enchanting. Step towards him smiling and show your interest in his stories with a smile.


Your appearance
Be sure you are well groomed and clean. Also be sure your makeup is not on too thick or you will look trashy. With a dress and a pair of high heels, you capture every man’s attention. If you prefer pants, be sure to wear good fitting, flattering pants, and go for pretty, feminine tops. Always have on a pair of beautiful shoes. Avoid overtly sexy clothes and an obnoxious amount of perfume.


You may be naturally beautiful but if elegance is missing, you will lose his attention quickly. There are many beautiful women in the world but men get bored of simple beauty quickly. Elegance and class goes a long way in keeping a man intrigued. Wearing a modest dress with a hint of cleavage will drive a man crazy.


Men are visually oriented but eventually they would like to see a partner in the person that they have for themselves. That does not mean you should immediately tell your whole life story in the first date or give a summary of what you did not like your exes. Start rather airy, light and safe conversation topics. Something you have read in the newspaper that you interests you, or made ​​an impression on you is generally a good bet.


Your attitude
Your posture is confident, but do not act full of yourself and an attention seek. Try as much as possible to be yourself. If you feel restless and insecure inside, force yourself to relax. This prevents you from falling while walking to the table at a restaurant or dropping your bag (yes, it can hap). Also take your time to answer questions. First, it is not a quiz with a time limit and secondly you avoid saying things you regret later.


Eye contact and body language
Your smile may speak volumes and with your eyes you can say much more. Look at him during the date, do not be afraid to make eye contact. If you really like him, you can also show it one more time by putting your hand on his arm for split second .


Humor is important. Many men love a woman with a sense of humor. Do not force or try to adapt to his idea of humor. Men find it refreshing to have a woman laugh at jokes, even his bad ones.


You may be busy with the first impression you make on him, but remember that he is probably trying to impress you also. Do not put your expectations for the first date too high because rarely will the sparks immediately start flying. Give him a chance, listen to him, observe him, follow your feminine intuition. Do not be disappointed if it turns into nothing. Always be honest. This is not your last chance! There are so many men in the world.


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