seduction tricks

Invite him in the shower or bath with you. Play some music in the background and have some candles lit. Use a gentle sponge and wash him with a scented bar of soap, make a sensual game out of it.
Seduce him with the music of Kama sutra. Let him listen to the CD with songs like “Spiritual Orgasm” casually playing in the background and let the music do the rest for you.
In the supermarket choose exotic and juicy fruit and feed him piece by piece with your fingers touching his lips occasionally.
Buy the famous book “Kama Sutra” and ask him to practice the positions with you, one by one.
Illuminates the bedroom with tons of candles. Invite him to bed and read him an erotic story. The game continues as follows: he can only listen, but touching you is forbidden. Very exciting!

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