Serious or not, flirting is good for your ego

flirting is good for your egoFlirting is good for your ego and even if you are in a solid relationship it can make you feel even better about it and yourself. According to research done in a quick poll by Trendy Style magazine in recent weeks, here are our findings:

Flirting is good for self-esteem
Of the more than 200 participants, 45% in a fixed relationship flirt with others for a hefty ego boost.

Flirting outside your relationship
More than half of the participants in this quick poll finds flirting outside of a relationship to be bad, but it is a narrow majority.

16% feel it is impossible to flirt during a committed relationship with someone other than your partner, while 32% feel it is necessary to add to your self-esteem. Only 7% feel it is good for the relationship itself.

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