Freshen Your Home As You Vacuum



At one point in my life, I was a Carpet Fresh addict. I especially loved the Country Bouquet and Clean Linen scents. That is until I had a Rainbow Vacuum cleaner sales representative come over and do a demonstration on my carpet. She immediately knew that I had been using powdered carpet deodorizers. She informed me that other than making my house smell nice, they served no purpose. She also explained how they may contribute to sinus problems, increase the indoor air pollution, and ruin the fibers of my carpet. Say no more! I quit using it immediately and have been Carpet Fresh free for almost three years. After all, I wasn’t using it because my carpet stank. I just loved the fragrance that it left behind.

If you’re a recovering Carpet Fresh addict or just looking for an alternative to freshen your home, here’s a simple tip that works just as good without ruining your carpet or sending you to your medicine cabinet for allergy relief medication.

Simply dab some of your favorite essential or fragrant oil on a cotton ball, place the cotton ball inside the bag of your vacuum, and enjoy the aroma of your favorite scent while you vacuum.


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