MAKEUP LESSONS-2 Foundation, essences, primers, skin



Do you have a romantic candlelight dinner coming up? The effect of makeup is dependent on the light. Under the flaming golden light of candles you want look naturally sexy and radiant.


Go for seductive shiny skin, sparkling eyes, an irresistible look and lips asking to be kissed. Capture his heart.

  1.  Light foundation

Choose a foundation that is a shade lighter than your own skin tone. Foundation that is too dark is unflattering under candlelight.

  1.  Light coverage foundation

Choose light, opaque and glossy foundation. Under candlelight everything seems darker and heavier. Go for light and non-matte base.


  1.  Camouflage flaws

One of the greatest beauties of women is perfect skin. Camouflage imperfections carefully. Do this before you’ve applied make up so that you do not sweep away the makeup used. Be careful that you do not use too much product, especially under your eyes.

  1.  Shapen and contours

Be aware that candlelight throws shadows on your face. For a nice effect, you can use fine matte powder to lighten your T-zone (forehead, nose and chin). Gently accentuate your cheekbones, do not use products that are too dark.

5. Use neither dark blush nor bronzing powder

Keep things light and airy. Try soft and glossy rather than matte blush as it is optimal under candlelight.

  1.  Beautifully shaped eyebrows

Because candlelight is glossy (thankfully), make good use of it. If you are shaping your eyebrows, it’s the perfect chance to give them a beautiful shape. Even if you happened to distort the natural contours of your eyebrows, it will not be too obvious.

  1.  Bright eyes

Let your eyes sparkle with eye shadow containing light reflecting particles. Go for light, soft colors with a metallic effect or darken your eyes for a sultry look. You can use natural colors (brown, gray, taupe) instead of strong colors like blue and green in this case. Do not forget to use light shimmery eye shadow, especially in the inner corners.

  1.  Black eyeliner

To ‘drown’ your eyes, draw a line with black eyeliner along your upper (and maybe lower) lashes. For a sophisticated effect, keep the line thin.

  1.  Mascara

Mascara is and remains a must, always and everywhere. Apply the mascara carefully and avoid drawing so-called “spiders” with long, soft lashes. Go for a mascara with a lengthening effect.

  1.  Glossy lips

Of course, make the most of the candle light to shine. Let your lips look sensual by using glossy lipstick or lip gloss.

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