Makeup tips: foundation in winter

Go oily creams and foundations do together?

In the winter, the common advice is to use oily cream to protect your skin against the cold and wind. However, if you put it into practice, then you might face the same problems we did -foundation and oily creams do not always go together. Sometimes spotty cream ‘shines’ through the foundation. What do we do?


We asked MAC’s senior makeup artist, Michele Magnani for advice. It turns out that with developments by technology giants, achieving flawless skin is merely a matter of organization.


Use nourishing cream during the day

During the day, use foundation and protect your skin with nourishing cream instead ultra-greasy cream. At night, you can use a greasier cream if your skin needs it.

The perfect base for your foundation. The modern layout techniques

But if you want to do it by the book, then dig further into advanced formatting techniques that are available to us today. The impeccable hues we see on the catwalk are constructed using several steps. The correct order is:

1. Cleanse and refresh the skin, then apply a spray like MAC Fix +, where the spray droplets dry up,

2. Apply a primer or serum, which allows absorbance

3. Then use moisturizing cream over it. Apply foundation only when the moisturizing cream is fully absorbed. Mix the camouflage product with a bit of primer (in cream form) so that everything blends together perfectly.


It is very important that you wait until the product is well incorporated into the skin after each step. That’s the secret! If you use the foundation too early, it will not adhere well to the skin pigments. Moreover, your face might look uneven and spotty if the cream has already been absorbed in dry areas but not in oilier zones.


Tip: organize your morning ritual. Let your cream be absorbed fully as you sip your morning coffee


All is well and good. There is plenty of time for this ritual backstage, but how do you put it into practice? It’s a matter of organizing your beauty ritual, says Magnani. In the morning we have that merely 5 to 10 minutes available. We often cannot spare any more. But you can make good use of every minute.


My advice is to start the morning by cleansing your skin and applying a serum. While the serum is being absorbed by the skin, have coffee, tea, or even freshly squeezed orange juice. Put on hydrating cream. Then it’s time for breakfast. After that, apply a primer (if you’re not using a serum) or foundation. This way, you give the beauty products time to be properly absorbed into the skin. You divide the 10 minutes at your disposal into small segments in which you pamper your skin.


It is advisable to maintain your skin regularly – once a week or every ten days – to exfoliate the beauty products in your skin. For the base, it is very important that the moisturizing cream has blended into the skin. Remove excess cream with a tissue. Massage areas especially the nose and around the nostrils as the cream is often thicker here. It is really important that you are kind to your skin the morning and that you spoil yourself a little. You will then look radiant the whole day.


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