Everybody knows what foundation is and how to use it. But here are some useful foundation tips, just in case!


foundation tips for allFoundation is not bad for your skin

Modern foundations used today are sophisticated and highly developed. They bear no resemblance to the “foundation cakes” used by your grandma in her times. Modern products are skin friendly and often beneficial. They have a moisturizing effect and many foundations are now equipped with a UV filter that protects your skin against the harmful effects of the sun.


The best basis for foundation is a clean skin

Good skin care is and will remain the key to beautiful skin. The foundation does nothing to change that. Clean your skin thoroughly every day and apply the foundation only to clean skin.


Your complexion choose you!

How often have you come home with the wrong complexion? Choosing a foundation is not as simple as saying one, two, three. It requires some time and effort. Test the color in daylight. My personal preference is to test it directly on the face (and not the wrist). If you have just returned from the outdoors, let your skin unwind before testing. The color of the foundation does not have to match your skin tone perfectly. You can choose a slightly lighter or darker shade. My advice would be to ask for the recommendations of the salesperson, but ensure that you’re the one who ultimately chooses the foundation.


Choose foundation based on your skin type

If you have dry skin, then choose liquid foundation. If your skin has blemishes, go for a more opaque foundation. For oily (read: shiny) skin, choose matte foundation.


Be result oriented

Ask yourself what you want to achieve with the foundation. A smooth appearance is usually the goal, but with foundation you achieve much much more. You can choose to have matte skin, but a silky sheen can also be very beautiful.


A foundation may also be used to camouflage imperfections in the facial complexion. You can hide rosacea (red, swollen capillaries) with a yellowish foundation. But if you wanted to camouflage individual pimples, then you might be better off choosing a camouflage stick. If you have decided to spend the whole day outdoors and just want to look good wherever you may be going, opt for ‘long wear’ foundation. What really matters is that you know what you really want and pick a foundation that does just that for you.


Dab or smear?

It really depends the result you’re aiming to achieve. Through the foundation, as it were in your skin to “press”, this will better cover. Do you keep sweeping movements than the result, of course.


Sponge, brush or fingers?

It all depends on your personal preference. A sponge will ensure even distribution (see point 6), a large brush is good if you want the foundation to be opaque, but may result in stripes. A small brush is convenient for the “little corners” (under the eyes, the corners of the eyes, around the nose). Your fingers warms the product, making it easier to be applied evenly.


Every day or only for special occasions?

Once again: that’s entirely personal. There are women (and men!) who use foundation every day, while others only use it for special occasions.


Support products

There are now more products that can be used in combination with foundation, including the “primer”, which is still in the stages of development.  Products like these may allow the foundation to adhere more easily to the skin and therefore remain longer. There are also products that you can add to modify the color of the foundation you have, in your quest for the perfect color to match your skin.  Besides that, there are some powders (compact or loose) that you can use to fix your foundation.


Regardless of how tired you are, always make your skin clean in the evening!

On this we can be brief: forbid yourself to go to bed with makeup!

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