Foundation Troubleshooting

A solution to the most common foundation problems

foundation problemsFoundation is commonly referred to as a ‘base’, and rightly so. For beautiful skin is essential for makeup. And because Mother Nature does not naturally endow everyone with porcelain-like skin, we often have to make use of this makeup product found in most cosmetic houses.


Foundation are made with increasingly complicated and sophisticated formulas, but it is not always easy to apply it nicely and evenly. This could be due to making a wrong product choice, but also due to the conditions of our skin that changes constantly with the season and weather. We attempt to present the most common flaws of foundation and ways to address them.


Foundation no longer addresses your problems

You swear by a makeup product for months, maybe even years. But then suddenly the foundation fails and no longer hides your blemishes. The solution is: a good (but delicate) scrub and nourishing mask. If that fails too, and you are still unable to apply your foundation evenly, then perhaps it’s time to switch to another product. Actually, it is always better to use specific products for specific circumstances and moments as each circumstance requires a different, specific product. Range is key (as in creams and shampoos).


Foundation makes pores visible

With the passage of years, the pores of the skin often become coarse and large. A foundation especially those that are opaque may actually accentuate pores. One solution to this is to camouflage the pores with a pore minimizer before applying foundation. A pore minimizer layers the pores with a thin film and serves as an ideal base for your daily foundation.


The foundation does not cover well

Our skin is constantly changing subject to the weather it is exposed to. Sometimes the skin may be particularly damaged and there appears to be more pimples or more spots than usual (this is particularly true if you suffer from rosacea). In such cases, the foundation may not camouflage well enough. Do not attempt to thicken your foundation in such cases, as it serves only to accentuate your pimples further.  Instead, use a designated camouflage stick for the pimples, then apply your foundation as usual. In the case of red spots (rosacea) you can use before applying foundation, use a cover. This is a special product that diminishes the visibility of red spots. Cosmetic houses such as Chanel and MAC have started to include it in their collections. The advantage of a cover is that it allows easy application of foundation. Basically, it is a must for everyone.


The foundation is too light

We do not always have the same body tone. Only minutes under the sun and we tan immediately. Our usual foundation will suddenly be too light. In cases like this, you can brush your cheeks, the sides of your forehead and the tip of your nose and chin with bronzing powder. This will make the foundation go well with the tan on the rest of your face and body.


The foundation is too dark

If your foundation is too dark, you can fix it by dabbing colorless powder over the foundation. If you are not at home and do not have access to colorless powder, then talcum powder would suffice.


Foundation smudges

A foundation is not always easy to apply. To avoid smudging it’s best to apply a little moisturizer on your face before applying foundation. Immediately thereafter you apply your foundation. An alternative is to combine the foundation and the moisturizer in your hands to form a coloured mixture that is shades lighter than your foundation. If you do not have moisturizer, then carefully moisten the sponge that you use to apply foundation. The foundation will then go smoothly on your face. The cover, mentioned above, can also be used to facilitate easy application of foundation.


Foundation emphasizes wrinkles

If this happens, you are probably using too much foundation in the wrinkle zones. Solid powder foundations tend to accentuate wrinkles more, making your face resemble cracked porcelain. Liquid foundations, meanwhile, have the propensity of piling up in the folds of your skin and this will draw unwanted attention to the wrinkles on your face. The solution is to use as little foundation as you possibly can on areas highly prone to wrinkling (around the eyes and mouth). To ensure that the texture of your face is even, you can use a moistened sponge to dab some water or cream onto those areas.

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