How to look fresh just by grooming your eyebrows

You can get a freshlook  by grooming your eyebrows

freshlook  by grooming your eyebrowsDid you know you could look fresh just by grooming your eyebrows? Eyebrows shaped to have an angular corner opens your eyes and has a slight lifting effect, making you much less exhausted and drained.

Eyebrows shaped like seagulls’ wings

Straight eyebrows appear tough and somewhat masculine. Rounded eyebrows can give you a somewhat puzzled expression and are currently a little passé. But an eyebrow shape that has always persisted are eyebrows with a small corner. In Italy, this form is called “ala di Gabbiano “, meaning “gull’s’ wings“. This kind of eyebrows slope slightly upwards from the inner corner to about three-quarter lengths of the eyebrow before making a defined descent.


How do you model your eyebrows?

The best person to pluck your eyebrows is still the beautician. If you are brave enough to do it yourself, pluck your eyebrows strand by strand so that you do not remove too much.


To give your eyebrows a corner you will mainly have to work on the bottom of your eyebrow. Pull the skin taut and remove excess hairs with tweezers. To find the beginning of your eyebrows, hold a pencil vertically upright from the inner corner of your eye (near the tear bag). Where the pencil crosses your eyebrow is where your brow begins.


It is especially important that you shape the inner corner of your brow properly. Decide where you want to have the corner (about three-quarter lengths of the brow from the inner end) and start shaping your brow. In the beginning, your brow will be the widest in the parts nearest to the eye. Check the mirror after plucking each strand to ensure that you’re achieving the shape you wanted.


It is also important to keep the region under your eyebrows clean as scattered hair often grow there. Although these hairs are small and barely visible, they might make you look unkempt. It is important that you make your skin taut before attempting to remove the hairs in this region, or else you might risk damaging the skin and causing permanent scarring.


You can clean the top of your brows with a little cold resin (follow the instructions on the packaging). You will then get a nice, sharp line. Never apply the resin to the skin under your eyebrows. The skin is this region is very delicate.


After shaping the corner, you can make the eyebrows taper sharply downwards. Determine the end of your brows by holding a pencil horizontally from the tip of your nose. Where eyebrow and pencil intersects is where the brow ends.


Now that you’ve got the basic shape in place, you can further accentuate the shape of the brows with makeup. Outline your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and throw in some light-colored eyeshadow for good measure.


A less tired glance with groomed eyebrows

Eyebrows with a corner are sensual and feminine, but can also make you look less tired. The diagonal line from the bottom to the sharp corner only spans a few millimetres but has a huge impact on your appearance. You will seem to be uplifted and your eyes appear to sparkle more. This kind of eyebrows can also ‘open’ the eyes of those with drooping eyelids, due to its geometric shape.

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