How to get prepared for holiday

How to getting prepared for holiday

I go on holidays and take notes … a small guide for packing your suitcase – mountains of clothes lying on your bed, dozens of shoes swinging through the room. Your suitcase is unfolded on the ground. How do you get it all in hell?

Packing your suitcase … The last few weeks you have carefully thought about what you are going to take but now it appears to be not so easy. Below you will find the most essential garments for a sunny holiday. A small guide when packing…


Can you go to the sun without a bikini? Of course you cannot. Take at least two bikinis along. An easy bikini for swimming, (not too expensive so you do not have to be careful with it) and one to stroll along (which may of course be very expensive and sexy!)

One panties for each day of vacation: thongs for under trousers, sporty panties for under your miniskirt. A bra for everyday use, a strapless bra for under your summer tops and an exciting push-up for the evening! Whatever you choose, take your most beautiful and luxurious panties and bra with you. That gives a sexy feeling, especially on vacation.

Light and sporty pants

Long or to just below the knee, pants always come in handy! They are ideal for a trip on the boat, for a walk on the beach and protect from ‘mosquitos’. They are sporty and trendy with a flat sandal for daytime, sexy with high heels for the evening.

A miniskirt

The highlight of the season! The mini! There you can take as much as you want. Firstly, because the weather in Netherlands often does not allow bare legs (so when the opportunity finally arises to wear a mini do it!), Second, because your legs turn brown when you walk or sit on a terrace, thirdly because minis occupy little space in your suitcase, fourth because the mini is sexy … Convinced?

Hot pants

Another hot item this summer. Show those legs!

Tops and camisoles

Tops and vests, colored, floral fantasies, white or black, sexy or sporty… Stow your suitcase just full of them. They take up little space and are very handy both for daytime and evening.

A summer sweater or cardigan

Sweater or cardigan is a must for the summer when the evenings are still a bit fresher. Cotton is the summer’s best. Choose a color that fits well with your other outfits.

A sexy dress
A sexy dress for a very special evening (with a very special man). For other nights you combine your miniskirts with tops that you brought.

Shoes: flat sandals, a pair of sneakers and high heels

Flat sandals and slippers often take up little space. Get at least three pairs of them so you can alternate (in case of blisters or other aches) them. A pair of sneakers (which of course you pull on the trip), and a pair of sexy high heels for the evening should also be definitely in your suitcase.


Also remember to add small but useful accessories like a good pair of sunglasses and a large beach bag in your suitcase. It is always very nice if you bring beauty products and have a shoulder bag or pouch for your wallet so your hands are free.

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