Glitter Makeup Chanel Show


The makeup for Chanel’s Winter 2013/2014 show was spectacular. Small pieces of paper glitter were pasted on the upper eyelids and lashes of the mannequins. Their eyes sparkled with each beam of light,. It’s a look that you can easily recreate relatively easily. Of course, this makeup is not suitable for everyday wear, but during a pop concert, a music festival or a night out, you would definitely steal the show.


How do you proceed?

The makeup for Chanel Winter 2013/ 2014 is striking in that the emphasis is entirely on the eyes. The rest of the makeup is light and natural. This makes it very suitable for festive occasions. This is how you proceed: Make your skin on your face with a foundation that gives a natural look. You can use a liquid foundation. Camouflage imperfections with a product.

  1. Start by applying a foundation on your face. You can use liquid foundation. Camouflage imperfections with a product.
  2. Give your cheeks a soft pinkish blush with cream blush.
  1. Draw your eyebrows in full without them looking overly made up.


  1. Put on eyelashes before applying the pieces of glitter paper. Cut the pieces of silver yourself. You can also use sequins but they are heavier and they can weigh your lashes down with their weight. Place the pieces of glitter paper gently on eyelids and lashes. Press gently in place with a cotton swab (do not use tweezers!).


  1. Draw a white line on your lower eyelids and a soft gray line underneath. Let the line run slightly towards the ends of your eyelids for a retro touch.


  1. Apply soft pink lipstick on your lips.



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