hair care tips: bad hair habits

hair care tips bed hair habits

Well-groomed hair is important. According to psychological research, it’s one of the things that men look for in a woman. And we can imagine what they think about, and sloppy, fat tufts are simply not attractive to anyone.

In theory, we all know that, but reality is often different. It takes time to have nice, shiny hair cut for every day. Ideally your hair should be well trimmed, and simple to wash and groom. Sometimes, however, there is a lot more to it. For some women, getting beautiful hair takes a lot of guts and the intervention of a few experienced hairdresser hands.

There are times when you just do not want that same old color and style, and your hair almost begs for a change. You may go through a series of “bad hair days.” In those moments, intervention is the only solution. Yes, because for a change of hair style is not as bad as a broken heart or needing a new start in your life. Whoever wants to wear the latest trends will always have to keep a finger on the pulse of style … and should call when the time for action comes. But how do you know when that moment comes?

You have a bad hair habit:

If your bad hair days strung together equal more than one week

If you’ve ben washing your hair every day for more than a week, spending a lot of time styling it, and you still don’t like it, then you have a bad hair habit. Your hair should be severely taken to task. The time to see a hairdresser has come to pass. It’s time for a change of style. Do not cut corners on costs here. A well-trimmed style saves you a lot of trouble, both in time and also for the end of bad hair days.

If you always wear your hair in a ponytail

If your hair has been tied in a ponytail always and forever, or at least a long time, it’s time for a change. Long hair is best when you wear it loose. If you never do that, you should think about getting a short haircut. So put the scissors to it or have it trimmed quite regularly until you once again prefer to wear it loose.

If you hide your hair under hats and caps

Actually, here, is the eternal tale.  If you get a great cut, you will see that your hats and caps disappear to the back corner of your closet. A hat is nice, but great hair is nicer and looks sexier.

If you’ve spent years wearing the same hair style and color

There should be a certain routine in life. But if you have treated your hair with the same products for years and it constantly looks the same way, it’s time for the opinion of an expert hairdresser. If you’re afraid of radical change, consider the not-quite casual curls that we’re seeing now. Let’s update the look and ask the hairdresser what could be done with your hair that would be an eye-opener. Then, at the next party you have, you will surprise everyone with a new hair style.

If you keep changing color

If you keep changing color and a few days after a rinse you’re thinking of a new shade again, it’s time for a break. The next time you need color, choose a color close to your own natural hair and then give it a rest for a while. Concentrate on the health of your hair and take care of it. Often we color just because we find that it doesn’t shine enough or because it seems limp. But color may not be the solution. You can get into a vicious circle and your hair will be the loser.

If you pay little or no attention to your hair for a special occasion

If you focus on your makeup instead of your hair before a party or other special occasion because you don’t know what to do with your hair, it’s time to intervene. Browse through magazines, collect pictures of hair styles that you like, and trust your hair to an experienced hair stylist. Do not forget to explain that you want to be able to take care of your hair yourself.

If you’re never really satisfied after leaving the salon

Perhaps, in this case it’s time to change salons or hairdressers. Check with friends and acquaintances to see how they like their hairdresser. Go into a different hair salon and see if you like the atmosphere and the hair styles you see. Choose your stylist with care and be picky about it. You can have months of fun with a well-trimmed hair style.

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