Do you have problems doing your own hair styling? 

Here are some helpful styling tips:


Straight hair (Intensive styling)

hair styling tipsWash your hair, rub it dry and brush it gently (wet hair is more fragile than dry hair). When your hair is dry, apply a styling mousse. Knead the mousse properly through your hair. Next take your hair, lock by lock, and use a round-haired brush (not one with iron pins). Take each lock of hair (at the height of your roots) on the brush, and then slowly pull the brush down while you blow-dry the hair. Repeat until the lock is smooth. When that is finished, go to the next lock. When you’ve finished all the locks, your hair should be completely smooth. Finally, apply a mild lacquer or gloss product.

Straight hair (quick styling)

Straight hair is ideal for summer holidays or seaside. Wash your hair, rub it dry and brush gently. Wait for it to dry, about 80%. Then apply a styling product and comb through your hair using a wide-toothed comb (or your fingers!)

Curly hair (intensive styling)

For loose curls (as presently in vogue―so no 80s curls) do as follows. Wash your hair and apply a volumizer (a product that creates volume) on your hair. Let your hair dry. Take a lock, spray some mild hairspray on it and turn the lock around to the ends. Tighten the lock with a curling iron, but don’t squeeze the handles closed. Wait a few seconds and then release the curl from the sliding rod (towards the end of the curling iron―do not unroll the hair). Treat the other strands in the same way. Then rub a smoothing serum (serum to seal split ends has the same effect) in your hands and then move your fingers with the product gently through the curls. Ready to go!

Curly hair (quick styling)

This is ideal for summer holidays or seaside. If your hair is wavy or you curl it, wrap it in a towel after washing and let it rest for about 20 minutes. Then remove the towel and knead in some wax with your fingers. Be sure you cover the ends. Do not use a hair dryer, but leave it to air dry.

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