haircut styles for round,oval,long faces


When choosing your hair style, take the shape of your face into account. Whatever shape you have―oval, long, round, square or heart-shaped―it’s the starting point for your hair style.

A haircut is something very personal. It should fit your personality and your lifestyle (in a formal office, you should not arrive with a punk haircut, but if you’re an artist, then you can have an unconventional hair style), but your hair style especially needs to fit the form of your face.

Haircuts for oval faces:

If you have a round shaped face, then you can wear almost any haircuts. That doesn’t mean that one hair style will be better than another, however.

Haircut tips for oval faces

  • Select a hair style that will optimize and accentuate your strengths and camouflage any flaws you’d like to hide. If you have beautiful eyes, accentuate them with bangs. If your nose is too strong, don’t pull your hair back tightly; instead allow it to hang around your face loosely.

Haircuts For Round Faces:

If you have a round face, your hair should have a round shape that will slim down your face and make it seem smaller.

Haircut tips for round faces

  • Wear soft curls that frame you face beautifully (sexy too!).
  • Avoid straight styles as well as styles with too much volume on either side of your face.
  • Cut your hair short but avoid with a jaw-length bob.
  • Wear long bangs, or a long strand of hair which falls playfully falls on your face, which will make your face seem narrower.

Haircut tips for long faces:

If you have a long face then you should look for hair styles that have width.

  • Wear soft curls or wavy hair, especially on either side of your face, with a lot of volume.
  • A long fringe (far over your eyebrows!) makes your face appear rounder and shorter.
  • Avoid long, straight hair. This hair style will lengthen your face.
  • Instead, choose a short or medium length hair style, preferably cut in layers.

Haircut tips for angular faces

For an angular face, choose hair styles that soften your facial features.

  • Choose curls and wavy hair.
  • If you prefer straight hair, then try long, lank locks falling playfully across your face.
  • If you want a pony, go for a round shape.
  • Avoid hair styles with sharp lines.

Haircut tips for heart-shaped faces

If you have a heart-shaped face, then it’s important that you keep your face―a wider forehead with a delicate and usually narrow, tapered chin―in balance.

Our tips:

    • Avoid hair styles with volume on top of the head.
    • Select hair styles with volume at the chin (e.g., straight hair on top of the head and curl starting just below your ear).
    • Try layers that provide volume around your chin.
  • Do not go for too long hair.

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