He is talking too much

He is talking too much

Finally, you have a date with him, the man you’ve been dreaming of for months. Just the thought of him causes butterflies in your stomach because he is cool and beautiful, tough and popular. He seems to have a swarm of women around him, but he has asked out you! Finally you feel so lucky that you could jump for joy!

But then he opens his mouth. And does not close it, ever. He continues talking without letting you get a word in edgewise. You deduce that it is not nervous rambling, but that he is in fact, so into himself that he does not realize you feel like an intruder on his soliloquy. He speaks never-endlessly about himself, his new car, his mom, his job and his hair. His vacation and even his exes may come into the conversation. You look at him surprised, not really sure what to do but you do know you don’t feel like hearing about his ex-girlfriend Renee.

Now you understand why he has gone through so many women. After the first failed date he keeps trying to pick up other women, time and time again yet never is able to keep one. Of course, had you known beforehand that he is an egotistical person who only likes to hear himself speak, you would have declined the invitation and would not have spent months daydreaming about him.

Of course we may be exaggerating a little, but sometimes this is truthfully how a man is, and he probably does not even realize it. We ask for your experiences and any tips or advice you can give to help a future woman escape his never ending babble without wounding his pride. Send us your comments using the box below, and the best responses will be published anonymously below.

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