HAIR CARE: healthy and beautiful hair and a good haircut

healthy and beautiful hair and a good haircut

healthy and beautiful hair and a good haircut

No one underestimates the importance of healthy and beautiful hair and a good haircut. If your hair is good, so is your day. But we’re not always happy with our hair. Sometimes it’s dry, dull and frizzy. This may have to do with your health, but let’s face it, in most cases we do it to ourselves.

Who has never dyed his or her hair? Who has no styling rod in the cabinet? And who has never used hair spray? There are few women who do not experiment with their hair. We’re not going to tell you what you should do with your hair, but the important thing is not to lose sight of the health of your hair. Healthy hair looks good.

Treat your hair with quality products

The shampoos, balms and conditioners that you find in the supermarket, are very practical. They instantly detangle your hair, the comb glides through it, and your hair looks radiant and shiny. But this won’t last for long if you don’t choose good quality products. Use products that are good for your hair in the long run, and don’t focus solely on fast (short-term) results.

No hot dryers

Heat is a major culprit in hair damage. Let your hair towel dry after shampooing. Let it air dry, and when it is almost completely dry, then use the hair dryer. Avoid the highest setting and use a plastic brush or comb for styling (metal intensifies the heat too much). Protect your hair beforehand with a product specifically designed for heat protection. Limit the use of the styling iron or curling iron to festive occasions.

Keep the tie loose

Do not tie your hair too tightly and let it hang as loose as possible. Every day that rubber band in your hair, your hair does some harm. Never use an ordinary rubber band (have you ever tried it again to get it out?) Use special hair bows with soft fabric covers. If possible, no paint―today there are much milder products to keep your hair well styled.

Go easy on the paint

It’s so tempting: a coat of paint and your hair is beautiful again. Not as a “stopgap” but get used hair dye problem―dry or dull hair―at the base of (a nourishing balm, a balanced diet).  The key to beautiful hair is a balanced diet and a nourishing balm. Avoid hair color that is much darker or lighter than your natural hair color―the big color difference will require that you color more often that is really good for your hair.

Use your conscience, not “natural” products

Your hair color―whether it’s dye wash or paint (whatever you want to call it) remains a major hair event.  Even natural products aren’t always completely harmless. Try customizing your look with henna, a natural dye. Hair dyes should not be used on porous hair because they penetrate deeply into the hair and dry it out.

Let the hairdresser color

If you still want color, let it be done by the hairdresser. Generally the stylist has “friendlier” products than the coloring products on the shelves of the supermarket and drugstore. Ask your stylist about the products used in the salon.


Perms are another treatment that people get. At least for a perm you’re back in the hands of your stylist. Choose a good quality hair salon where proper attention is paid to the health of your hair Have someone explain what products the stylist uses, and how he or she works. Some hairdressers have a good habit of using a special oil that protects hair from harmful substances before it is treated.

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