Holiday Weight Gain

holiday weight gain

Holiday Weight Gain is one of the biggest problems for winter dieters. The main cause of holiday weight gain is probably getting bored of all struggles against weights. Here you may find good tips to avoid Holiday Weight Gain. 

Tips to Prevent the Holiday Weight Gain

Every year you say you will not gain weight, but inevitably you do. With some (or all) of these tips and a healthy dose of willpower, you can avoid the “Santa Belly Syndrome”.

The Celebratory Dinner

A host or hostess hates nothing more than a guest who does not eat. So go ahead, enjoy yourself, but follow some of these tips and you will avoid the weight gain without offending your hosts.

  • Drink plenty of water, especially before eating.
  • Try to portion your foods yourself, or if that is not possible, rearrange them on your plate to your specifications.
  • Taste everything that you are served, but do not feel like you need to eat every bite. By leaving some on your plate, you will feel accomplished and your host will not be offended.
  • If you have trouble and want to eat everything on your plate, visualize the new skinny jeans you want to purchase.
  • If given a choice, opt for healthy vegetarian entrees and fresh fruit desserts.
  • Help clear the dishes. By getting up you will begin burning calories as soon as possible and you will not be tempted to eat anymore.

Control Yourself  During The Buffet 

A buffet requires a lot of self-control. Attempt to use these tips:

  • If smaller plates are an option, use a smaller plate. Research shows that filling a smaller plate makes you feel that you’ve eaten more without actually overindulging.
  • Start your meal with a fresh salad and dressing/condiments on the side.
  • Avoid sauces and mayonnaise as much as possible. Use very little dressing or flavor the dish with lemon juice and herbs.
  • Choose meats wisely. Choose grilled or baked over fried and avoid meats drenched in sauces.
  • Avoid the cheese and crackers.
  • Finish the meal with fresh fruit for dessert.
  • If the decadent desserts are too much temptation, share one with a friend or family member, or allow yourself 1 or 2 bites only.
  • Drink water as often as you can remember. This will help you feel fuller and will counter the negative effects of alcohol.


Your Own Kitchen

In your own kitchen, you have complete control over your meals and snacks.

Every healthy diet starts with a smart trip to the market:

  • Purchase a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables,
  • Purchase whole grain products instead of refined products. Brown rice versus white rice, whole wheat pasta instead of white pasta, multi grain bread instead of white bread,
  • Look for more natural products,
  • Replace butter with olive oil,
  • Purchase a water filter for fresh tasting water every time, making it easier to drink water instead of sugary carbonated beverages,
  • Keep healthy snacks in easy reach. Pre-slice cucumbers, have a handful of nuts, wash grapes as soon as you walk in the door, and keep a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter.

A festive meal does not necessarily contain thousands of calories. With a little imagination and common sense you can serve a healthful, flavorful banquet without thousands of additional calories:

  • Start with a salad, for example, with a thin slice of fresh salmon. Chop a few walnuts over the top, put a few capers in and make the dressing with fresh lemon juice and freshly ground black pepper.
  • If serving meat, grill or broil it instead of frying. For vegetarians, offer hearty tofu dishes or lots of fresh grilled vegetables.
  • For dessert, try a healthy fruit salad with a light sweet cream.


Stay away from Snacks to avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Just the snacks during the holidays can be treacherous to weight loss efforts. By not purchasing unhealthy snacks in the first place, you can avoid overindulging in them. If you receive unhealthy snacks as a gift, freeze it or put it away to avoid looking at it. Out of sight, out of mind!

Stay away Alcohol to avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Be wary when drinking alcohol. Alcoholic drinks contain many more calories than most people realize, especially with the addition of mixers such as sodas and juices. Drink a glass of water between drinks to pace yourself.

Be Active to avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Even if you are on vacation, you cannot let that be an excuse to become lazy and complacent. Take your workout DVDs with you when traveling, or at least a resistance band for convenient exercising. As far as exercise goes, a little is much better than none!

  • At parties, begin dancing as soon as possible. Dancing burns hundreds of calories and you have fun and release stress while doing so,
  • Do a few stretching exercises as soon as you wake up and right before bed, to energize yourself and relaxation, respectively,
  • Be sure to get enough sleep. Studies prove that sleep-deprived individuals tend to weigh more than their more rested counterparts.

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