Homemade Soft Scrub Cleaner


This is absolutely one of my favorite homemade cleaning recipes. I love how easy it is to make. It literally takes less than two minutes. You can use this scrub cleaner on your shower stalls, bathtubs, bathroom tiles and grout, and bathroom sinks. In the kitchen, I use it to clean the sink, the top of the stove, and the metal drip pans. There are so many uses for this around the house and most importantly, it really works great!


What You’ll Need:

½ cup baking soda

Dishwashing liquid (I personally use Dawn)

Essential or fragrant oil (optional)


Mix It Up:

Step 1 – Pour baking soda into a bowl.

Step 2 – Mix in dishwashing liquid, little by little, and stir until you achieve a consistency similar to cake frosting.

Step 3 – Add 5-10 drops of essential or fragrant oil


To use, scoop some of the mixture onto a sponge or cleaning rag and scrub as you would using a store bought scrub cleaner. Rinse.

This should be enough to clean two bathrooms with a little left over. I just leave the bowl with the leftovers right on the bathroom counter next to the sink. My husband likes to use it as a scrub for his hands. It make them nice and soft.

If you tried this or any of my other recipes, I’d love to hear your feedback.




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  • Keeya

    Pink E….This was the 1st thing I tried from your sight. I LOVE this mix. I used Ajax dish detergent (Grapefruit scent) instead of Dawn, which made up for the fragrant oil, and it made the soft scrub a pretty pink. I cleaned my whole house with this.
    I usually hate cleaning, and have been begging my husband to get us a maid, but after finding your sight, making your own products that work, and make my house smell great, has made it fun.
    Thank you so much for this soft scrub, it cleans everything. The crome is shinning, the walls are clean, that trash cans are fresh. i will never buy commercial cleaners again. I am hooked on baking soda and Grapefruit Ajax….

  • Rene

    Can you use viniger instead of dishwasher rince?
    Thank you.

  • @Alison – Thanks for letting me know how this worked for you and for following.

  • I just tried this on my kitchen sink!  I think I should have used the real soft soap first (with bleach- since my sink was really cruddy) and used this as a daily follow-up cleaner.   This got all of the grime off my sink, but didn’t remove the scuff marks left from the pots and pans.  I will definitely keep this mixed up for daily scrub ups!  Thanks!
    I’m going to add myself as a follower!

  • MonicaFernaays

    I love your site…in fact I wish I had found it last night!!  You’ll have to check out my post titled “Superstar”…I have a receipe for melted crayon on clothes!!  following you from FMBT ~ hope you can stop by Organzied Chaos!!

  • @Amber – Thanks for following.

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