Homemade Dryer Fabric Softener


fabricsoftener2-200x300For whatever reason, I feel as though I just have to use a dryer sheet in my laundry in addition to the liquid fabric softener I use in the washer. I’ve tried to go without, but some habits are hard to break. However, one habit that I’m enjoying while breaking is spending tons of money on cleaning products that I can make myself. If you enjoy saving a few coins as much as I do, try out this recipe for making homemade fabric softener dryer sheets.


What You’ll Need:


Homemade liquid fabric softener (see recipe here) or your favorite brand

Empty plastic container or jar

Clean kitchen sponge cut in half


Mix It Up:

Step 1 – Pour equal parts fabric softener and water into an empty container or jar.

Step 2 – Cover tightly with lid and shake until completely mixed.

Step 3 – Place sponge in fabric softener mixture.



When ready to use, squeeze excess fabric softener from sponge and toss in the dry with wet laundry. After laundry dries, remove sponge and drop back into the homemade fabric softener mixture.

This will last quite a while, so there’s no need to make a huge batch. I would suggest not making more than 2-3 cups at a time.

If you’re using a thick commercial fabric softer such as Downy, you may want to add a little extra water.

Alway spot test fabrics before using.

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