How to get a flat stomach for summer

Tips to get a flat stomach

How to get a flat stomach? It has millions of answers of course. But here we tried to give you tips to get a flat stomach with the most healthy methods. 

How to get a flat stomach for summerAre you ready for your bikini? I know we surprised you with this question but we have good reason to. It is still early enough in the year to make you want to get motivated to lose weight in time for the summer. By the time summer rolls around you can walk out onto the beach in your tiny bikini with pride and your head held high. 

Today we want to talk about a problem zone that every woman knows about: the abdomen. How do you get a clean and nice, maybe even flat stomach? There is really only one answer: to lose weight.

Simply put, but what does that in practice mean? We will explain it to you and you will discover that it is not as difficult to lose the weight as you may think. It is much harder to walk around in shame than it is to exercise and lose the big stomach.

1.     Understand on what principle weight loss is based

The first, and also the main point is to understand on what principle weight loss is based. It is very simple to effectively lose weight by dieting and exercising properly. However it is easier said than done. Diets have a negative connotation and therefore are to be avoided. By “watching what you eat” and incorporating exercise is how you will trick your mind into thinking dieting is not a bad thing.

2. Watch your diet if it is  for getting a flat stomach

You must give up all the sweets and unhealthy fats, plain and simple. This is the only way to guarantee your body is receiving the nutrients it needs without packing the calories in. This includes sugary carbonated drinks, pastries, cakes, and large helpings of your mother’s dinner. Eat five small balanced meals a day to combat hunger and sugar levels spiking. You must eat fiber rich foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

3. Go for smaller portions

Sometimes we just eat large portions. Use a smaller plate to trick your mind into thinking you have a large portion. Believe us, it really works!

4. Do not skip meals if you want to get a flat stomach

It is not good to skip meals and you lay the foundation for uncontrolled binge eating. Divide your meals over the day. A hearty and healthy breakfast is extremely important. Keep lunch and dinner light and have two mini meals in between.

5. Physical exercise is important to get a flat stomach

It is very important. Exercise should be part of your new lifestyle, not just something done to lose weight. Physical exercise in your daily life and targeted exercise in the gym will help you lose weight and keep it off, but it is more important to exercise for health. Walk, take the bike, trek into the woods, a beach walk, work in the garden, clean the house, do everything you can do to move; it all adds up. Even a half an hour a day exercise, without running and without sweating can help. Enjoy the great feelings that are a result of healthy physical activity. Then there’s also the gym where you go to purposefully work out, especially the major muscles including the abdominals. If you are not able to make it to the gym regularly, there are many ab exercises you can do at home and will be outlined later on in this article.

6. Training in the gym

If you train in the gym, start increasing intensity after warming up with a few exercises with light weights, then you do your abdominal exercises and you close the session with 20 minutes of cardio training under the supervision of a qualified personal trainer or gym employee.

7. Home Training for getting a flat stomach

Exercise your abs three to four times a week, approximately 20 minutes long each session. Do this in the morning or in the evening before bedtime. Go to a sporting goods store and ask about the accessories that can help train your abs, such as a yoga mat or some other device as budget and space permit at home.

8. Measure the size of your waist regularly and write down the results

That does not mean you have to measure yourself every day. Give yourself time, at least a week in between measurements. Also maintain a record of waist to hip ratio.

9. Weigh yourself regularly 

Weigh yourself regularly as well to make sure you are progressing as you wish. Again, it is important to give yourself the time. Weigh yourself once in a week at the same time so you can compare the results to each other.

10. Always keep your goal in mind and search for all possible ways to get a flat stomach

See yourself in a bikini at the beach with a flat, gorgeous stomach that you can be proud to show off to the world.

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