How to lose weight fast by eating less and healthy

how to lose weight fast by eating less and healthyIf you want to learn how to lose weight fast by eating less and healthy first you should be aware that everything you eat turns into weight. Everybody knows this and of course it is true. What you eat, and how much, determines how much or how little you weigh. How you eat is also important and can play a key role in your body’s size. Take a look at these tips to see how easy it can be to incorporate good manners into a healthy lifestyle.

Chewing is important to lose weight fast

Chewing is very important. It facilitates the start of digestion but also has another advantages. Chewing slowly and thoroughly means eating slowly. It takes time for your body to receive a signal from your brain to indicate that it has had enough. If you eat quickly, you have big chance of eating more than your body needs. Eating slowly so often means eating less because once you realize you have had enough it is easier to stop.

A small plate makes the portions look bigger

You probably know the psychology of a small plate. The portions look bigger! So go for small plates because you can only put so much on a small plate, but when the plate is full it looks like you are truly about to indulge; thus you are tricking your brain into thinking you will have a lot of delicious food.

Use small utensils in order to lose weight fast

While eating off of a small plate, we can also use small utensils. A small fork and a small spoon allow smaller bites which take longer, and we all know, eating slower is better because our bodies need time to receive the signal that we are done.

Take a short break between bites 

We have already established that eating slower means eating less, as a general rule, so we also recommend taking a quick break between each bite. Put your fork or spoon down between bites and take a small sip of water, or start a quick conversation with your meal mate.

Eating slowly helps you to eat less, why we said it already read a break in between each bite. A trick that can help is just lay down your fork after each bite.

A Multi-Course meal gives more satisfaction 

During the period of losing weight and diet, you will get more satisfaction out of your meal if you divide it up into courses. For example, have the appetizer, then entrée and sides, then dessert finally. This not only makes you feel that you are indulging in a luxurious meal, it gives your body time to begin processing the foods and helps you realize you are finished quicker. You may even skip dessert. Generally, start with a salad or light foods, then move onto the main meat dish with vegetables on the side, then dessert of a fruit base with light sauce.

Drink alcohol sparingly in order to lose weight fast

Drinking too much alcohol is simply not healthy and will add a lot of pounds to your body after a while. Alcohol makes you overeat because you are not sensing the signals from your brain telling you that you have had enough food, plus the alcohol itself has calories, let alone any sugary mixers like juices and sodas.

A small trick to avoid over drinking alcohol if you need to have a drink at dinner is to have a sip of water immediately before and after a sip of alcohol. And do just that, sip! Do not drink alcoholic drinks to quench your thirst; use water for this. Also, choose simple drinks such as a glass of white wine or a dry martini, as these are not mixed with juices or have sugary fruit on the side of the glasses.

Do not Put Yourself on a Strict Diet to lose weight fast

Avoiding all of your favorite foods will do nothing but make you lose a few pounds at first but continuous deprivation is the bane of any diet. You will never maintain the diet at this rate. Diets basically are a bad word for “lifestyle choices”… if diets were looked at like a lifestyle choice, nobody would ever fall off! Lifestyles include fun foods like chocolate and fried chicken, but not every single day.

Snack Smarter

If you are a snacker and let’s face it, most of us are, feel free to eat but be sure to portion out your snacks in advance. If you need those chips and crisps, use a scale or count out the appropriate service size and put them in a separate bowl or dish and put the big bag away! By learning the serving sizes as well, you can make smarter choices in the future. Did you know that 1 ounce of nuts is usually only 15 nuts, and that 1 ounce typically has 160 calories, or more? So by the time you’ve had 2 handfuls you have eaten over 300 calories and you don’t even feel full. What a waste! The same goes for sweets like ice cream and candy bars. If you have to have it, portion it out and eat it without feeling guilty.

Brush your Teeth after Every Meal (and Beforehand if you feel like it!)

By brushing your teeth after each meal you are telling yourself that you are finished. Many celebrities also brush their teeth before preparing meals so they will not snack while the meal is cooking. This will save you many calories. Chewing gum while cooking will also do the trick. Nothing tastes good with toothpaste!

Do not Skip Meals if you want to lose weight fast

Skipping meals is unhealthy and does not help you to lose weight fast at all. You build up so much tension that you eat the next opportunity, and more than you want. Most of the time you choose unhealthy foods on a binge. Eating a healthy and filling breakfast sets the stage for the rest of the day and its importance cannot be overstated.

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