Learn how to love your body

 HELP! I’M NOT HAPPY WITH MY BODY! Well You May solve this learning how to love your body.

Most of the questions we receive from our readers are about the way their body looks. A frequently asked question is:

“Help, I do not find myself beautiful, I’m not in shape, and I do not know where to start to improve how I look and feel about myself.”

how to love your body This is indeed a difficult issue. Perhaps you have found yourself in a similar issue. Many people do not find enough motivation in simply knowing they need to change something. Motivation is helpful but not always enough. In order to gain power from your motivation and keep the motivation up, make goals and plan the goals out with details. This way you have a detailed plan of action with less reasons to stray.

 First: What is it about Your Body that You Don’t Like?

Dress down to your under garments and look in the mirror. Write down what you don’t like, and make detailed plans to change it.

Second: Just Be Honest without Being Hurtful or Shameful

Be honest with yourself. Write down what you perceive as flaws and vow to change them. Of course, do not be unreasonable; view yourself as others would see you.

Third: Do Not Over-Analyze Perceived Flaws

how to love your bodyConstructive criticism is used to make yourself change in a healthy manner, not to shame or hurt yourself in any way. Destructive criticism is where you see nothing of value, despite others telling you differently. If you look at yourself from a neutral point of view, or have somebody else do this for you, you will realize you are your own harshest critic. Focus on the parts that you absolutely cannot stand such as a sagging stomach or flabby arms, not that tiny wrinkle on your face or little jiggle in your rear end. Prioritize these concerns.

 Fourth: Will Exercise Fix these Flaws? Or Do I Need to Combine Exercise with Diet? And Finally find how to love your body.

If the answer is yes, then the solution is obvious. You will need to make time to work out more, no easy way around it. Exercising is hard work, but the end result is a healthier, sexier you. Sometimes a little jiggle just needs toning, but you can’t tone just one section at a time, so total body aerobic exercise will be your best friend.

However, sometimes exercise alone will not be enough, especially if you have excessive weight to lose. Don’t despair! If this is the case (as it is for more of us), a bit of diet modification is called for. Sometimes, no matter what we do, exercise-wise, we will not lose the weight as quickly as we’d like, or we might feel poorly if our diet is a mess.

Try to incorporate a literal rainbow of fresh product into your diet every day. Each color tends to have unique vitamins and minerals, all of which are beneficial to your body. Lean meats such as chicken and turkey, fish and eggs along with healthy fats like olive oil will make your body feel and look so much better. The weight should come off much easier, as well.

Avoid fad diets, such as the cabbage soup or liquid diets, along with named diets which tend to be more hype than factual. Most of these diets are formulated for one thing, and it is not your health, it is to make them money, and money they will make! People now are so interested in diets that claim to give miraculous results in very little time with very little effort involved, and that is simply not the case. Weight loss and health require a lot of hard work and determination. Simply put, it is energy out versus energy in. Oftentimes, fad diets can also pose a serious risk to your health, especially fanatical ones where you eat very little calories or load up on fatty meats all day.

Typically, people wishing to lose weight need to simply exercise more and eat better (not necessarily less). By planning your day’s meals and exercise plans in advance you have a jump start on your health and weight loss goals. It is much easier to follow a plan when a plan has been made.

Our advice is clear to learn how to love your body.

Exercise more, eat less and better. By making conscious choices, you can feel proud of yourself once the results begin to show, and your friends and family will notice as well. Be prepared for the compliments!

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