How do you decline someone nicely?  

How do you decline someone nicely?   

How to reject nicely?

Have you had this happen to you before, where a classmate or colleague suddenly makes it clear that he has feelings for you and wants to be in a relationship and while you enjoy his company, you are not in love with him, nor even attracted to him as more than a friend? If so, how do you stay his friend without damaging the relationship and hurting his feelings in the process? We try to help you with some tips below.

Encourage him in other endeavors.

Of course it is pretty fun to flirt, but the relationship with this guy who is suddenly interested in you than normal when you are not interested back is awkward. Compliment him but do not leave anything open to interpretation. Say how well done he wrote his paper for work but do not gush. He will take all flirting to another level and pursue you even more.
Of course it is an ego boost to have someone chase you, even if it is someone you have no romantic interest in. If you continue to allow him to compliment you on every little thing, he will feel that you like it and continue on this course until he is completely annoying you.Do not allow yourself to be flattered.

Take necessary measures.

Unfortunately there will be times when he will not take subtle hints, or even less subtle hints. You may need to spell it out for him. Avoid his company for a little while or just straight out tell him you are not interested and he makes you slightly uncomfortable but you’d still like to be friends. Then give him time and space to process your message.
Be open to a conversation.

It is not as if he will hate you (and if he does then it is because he is crazy). Be open to having a conversation with him as friends. Choose your words carefully, though, and try not to hurt him. Let him know you would still like to be platonic friends.

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