How to fall asleep fast in just 2 minutes

How to fall asleep faster with a military technic?

A new technic helps people in how to fall asleep fast

A military technique can help people to fall asleep fast just in minutes.

There is a big difference between humans by how fast they are to falling asleep. Because while some turn and turn for hours before falling asleep, others should hardly put their heads on the pillow before they arrive in a dream country.

Now, however, there is good news for the ones who have problems with falling asleep fast. This is because a new military technology has become publicly known. A technique that can help the people with sleep disorders falling asleep in just two minutes.

The trick is being used by the American military in helping their soldiers get some sleep in hectic situations. The purpose of this technic is to relieve stress levels of soldiers having sleeping difficulties.

This technic was originally revealed in 1981 in the book Relax and Win: Championship Performance, but it’s only now that it has really made attention.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Start relaxing with the face muscles, including the tongue, jaw and muscles around the eyes.
  • Lower your shoulders as much as you can. Do this with your upper arms and then underarms. One side at a time.
  • Breathe out, relax in the chest and then the legs following your thighs and move down on your body.
  • Use 10 seconds to clear your mind with thinking one of the following three things:
  1. You are in a canoe on a calm lake with a clear blue sky above you.
  2. You are in a black velvet hammock in a dark room.
  3. You think; ‘think of nothing’, ‘think of nothing’, ‘think of nothing’ over and over  for 10 seconds

Then you should be well on your way to sleep. The technique is at least 96 percent successful.

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