How to find the ideal husband

Character, not money, is most important

How to find the ideal husband30% of the 1,700 women who took part in our quick poll “What’s your type of guy?”, and many of you opt for a serious and reliable man. In short, the ideal husband scores high.

Character, not money, is important

The ideal husband – serious and reliable – scored high in our quick poll. From this we deduce that (Dutch) women pay particular attention to the character of a man. This is confirmed by another investigation which we recently did on Trendy Style:

A whopping 80% of the (660) women find the character of a man is most important. Looks and sex appeal score each nearly 7%, money (approximately 4%) and power (about 2%) do not count for the Dutch women heavily.

The ideal husband and Mr. Nice Guy

The ideal husband is most popular with 30%, then Mr. Nice Guy follows. This type of social and witty man achieved a rate of 19%. The Mediterranean type falls to 17% in the poll. Young and playful men (puppy/teddy bear type) accounts for 11%.

At the bottom of the “type of guy” list, the playboy type received 8%, the dominant, arrogant and strong type received 7%, and the athletic and toned type received 5%. The pierced/tattooed type falls in 3% range.


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