How to find the proper jean for you


How to find PERFECT jeans

One of the hardest garments to find? A garment where can walk your city and country away without having to find the right model? We are talking about the jeans of course. Jeans can make or break your figure. The stiff material that makes the fit must be perfect, if you want it to look good because the jeans are merciless. The wrong jeans can make your butt thicker or make your hips look wider or make your waist rounder … so buying the right model is essential for jeans.

We have some advice for you that hopefully prevent coming home with the wrong model.

  • Look before you leap … Either: get information before you go to buying. Browse through fashion magazines (or consult the Internet) about your figure from the latest fashion trends and create an image. Not that you have to follow blindly but it helps you to create an idea of the model that you want. Because without a fixed idea, it does not make sense to go shopping. Therefore decide on what kind of jeans you want: dark or light, with low or high waist, for winter or summer, with or without spots or streaks. An additional advantage of a fixed idea is that sellers can help you better. You’re wasting less time on pulling all the (im) possible models from the shelves.
  • Haste is out of question. Take all the time to buy a pair of jeans. Do not limit yourself to one store, but to jeans of different brands. If you have mastered the correct shape, you know it right away! If you do not strike the spark, buy nothing and come another time – with fresh ideas and a fresh mind – again.
  • We know it: Saturday is shopping day, but actually you would now have to avoid buying a pair of jeans just on Saturdays. Choose a quiet time when it is not busy in the stores. Ideally, one morning during the week. The saleswomen are still full of good will and will not give you hateful looks if you fit the “umpteenth” model.
  • It is very difficult to judge how the jeans look on you and a salesman / saleswoman is not the most impartial person in the world. So be patient and bring along a devoted friend who can help you on ‘difficult moments’.
  • Be aware of your “flaws”. If you have a bulging belly then jeans with a low waist are better for you. If you have rather short legs, choose not too wide jeans that you can wear with heels. If you are afflicted with a solid bottom, make sure the waist is not too low. If you are small, go for straight or tight models.
  • Please note that jeans are dilated while wearing. It is usually a half size. So buy your jeans a little tight.
  • And if it really does not work with those jeans, have a look at the nail and nail skirts dresses. A skirt is ideal for those who have slim legs but sturdy hips or buttocks. A dress, right and up to the knee corrects legs, hips and buttocks.

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