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HOW TO MAKE HIM CRAZY!Five golden tips that the most sophisticated seductresses who roam the globe have only too happily shared with us. No man will remain insensitive to these seduction techniques that resemble a cat-and-mouse game and are easy to apply in practice.

Watch out, though, because men may fall in love with you but women will see through your techniques with their feminine intuition. Here are the tricks:

Give the man you want to seduce all of your attention. Have him believe he is the only man in the world. Watch him as he talks and look him in the eyes. Laugh at his jokes, especially the bad ones. Be sure he feels strong and important while you make yourself seem small and vulnerable, as men have a natural instinct to protect. If you are with a group of people, stay by his side.

Dress with care when playing this game. Do not dress remarkably sexy, but rather innocent. Only a single detail should be considered naughty, like a skirt being tight or a bit of cleavage showing. Act unaware of your own charm.

Call him by his name, especially in the beginning when you are first getting to know him. It will please him that you remember him enough to remember his name and creates a bit of instant intimacy between the two of you. Body language is also very important. Show him you like him by putting your hand on his arm to emphasize a point or to show that you agree with him. Be sure not to be overt about this, but just friendly at first with a touch of shyness.
Once you know that he is interested and wants to be with you, begin to separate yourself slightly from him. Speak to some friends a few feet away but do not look at him. Let him watch you but do not approach him for some time. This will drive him crazy.Play with the intonation of your voice. Whisper sweet nothings to him in a soft sexy voice then resume speaking in a normal volume as if nothing happened. Casually toss your hair behind your shoulders nonchalantly.

If you can supplement this article with some tricks and tips of your own on how to drive him crazy, please email us using the box below. The best responses will be anonymously published below.

Okay, it seems quite logical, but there is something that he likes about you despite the fact that you are playing a game with him.
This tends to work in the opposite direction. It will work on a man who is not confident, though. My experience has been that we as men would consider a woman crazy and withdraw. With me it is quite simple: a woman needs to show that she finds me attractive or thinks I am sweet and enticing for me to want to spend more time with her.
Those relentless tricks work on women too!
Nice tips but walking away and ignoring him is not good advice. This will drive men away, especially a strong man who does not need a woman.
Hello, I am a 24 year old girl. I get enough attention from all kinds of men of all races and ages. Recently I met a very nice looking person, but he is not my taste therefore I gave him no attention at the beginning. After a while later, we accidentally bumped into each other and spoke some more. I suddenly fell in love. I did not know a lot about him, but he’s sweet. He is 28 and comes from a long term relationship so he’s not ready. The only thing I want is to get to know him better, and he clearly wants to keep in touch but gives me excuses when I ask him to get together with me. I cannot stand it even though he is always polite about it, and I can never predict it. It seems like one time we hang out together he likes me and another he is quite vague. I felt insulted and decided to take his number out of my phone. Does anybody have any tips for me? I do not think he is shy, just afraid of a new relationship which I do not necessarily want either. I just want to get to know him and cheer him out. I would love to get some answers because I can no longer concentrate and feel powerless for the first time in my life!
I do not know how I got to this site but it seems you women are trying to hard to drive a man crazy. There is one thing that drives a man crazy and that is cleavage! Show a little and you’ve got him in the palm of your hands like putty. Even a smart, romantic good man will fall for you.
Recently, I also got a tip to ignore him for a while. For eight months I have been in contact with a man, primarily by email because he is far away. I have been ignoring him to see if he reacts and to see if I hear anything. I do not want to play games but I want to see where we stand. I like to flirt, and do so naturally. As I mentioned, ignoring someone is nice if you want to get him in bed but not for a relationship because you are not being honest about how you feel and this is counterproductive. If you want a relationship with someone in the future, be fair to him and to yourself. So if you decide to ignore someone, do it because it feels best to you as far as how you think that person will react. Each man is different, not every guy will want to be played like this and will not be charmed by some coyness.
This trick does not work anymore and is garbage advice.
Why play games? Why not just be yourself? In the seduction process there are do’s and don’ts and ignoring him might make him crazy but it also just might make him mad. If he really likes you, ignoring him will deflate his ego and make him not want to pursue you because he will feel let down.
Sigh … How tiresome this is! I am glad that I found a nice man while I was too busy being myself. He had apparently already fallen for me before I even knew he existed. This took pressure off of me and I could be myself from the beginning which was so nice! I am stubborn, intelligent and full of enthusiasm which he loves. Even after 5.5 years we are still in love. Ladies, I am even happier than ever before because I was never fake and he loves me how I am! Some men are stupid and will fall for the ignoring trick but you really should not do it to them.
How would this work in reverse? If you do not show him any attention at the beginning but speak to his friends and show how nice you are and humorous and intelligent? Should you approach him after a certain point?
If you attract him and keep his attention long enough for him to want to be with you, there should be nothing else. If you start to avoid and ignore him, men will walk away. This is the truth.
I have often read that men ignore women and it helps them to understand that they want to see you, but how do you know?
Comment: If you’re looking for a casual flirt, these tips are very appropriate! But if you are looking for a serious relationship they are not. Men see you merely as a flirt and a tease, and do not take you seriously.
Response: Yes this is me, always flirting. Get his attention and keep it then torture him and dodge and ignore him. I am 41 but cannot stop this cycle, and none of it has ended well for me…. Bhoe-Bhoe
Comment: Hello,
To start, I am a man. I read the five tips and I think a lot of men do not fall for these tricks as described. We are not stupid and certainly not impulsive Neanderthals. Maybe we cannot equal the female sophistication, but we will not be played for fools. We always get the impression that the woman just wants a one night stand, which is fine for some men. But just be yourself and be honest. It’s okay to disagree with the man you like, and honesty is always better than games.
Comment: I want to comment on the article “How to make him crazy”.

It’s true that men love it when you play hard to get and I say this from my own experience. The harder you do it the crazier it makes them and the more they will wonder what’s going on with you and if it would be worth it to try to seduce you. It also makes them feel insecure until they have you, which boosts their ego. If you want a true relationship, do not do these coy tricks and just be yourself because no matter how hard you try to just be immoral and ready for a one night stand or something, he will think this is all you want and will not be interested in anything more.

Reaction: A reaction to the tips. In this game you have the men who want to sleep with you but with no relationship. This behavior is transparent and experienced men will immediately lose respect for you and only think of “scoring”. What’s worse is that if you fail any time you try this method of seduction is that you will lose your self-esteem for a long time and it will take a while to build it back up. You will not be able to flirt with men until you feel better about yourself.
Comment: What, really?! There are women who do such things to seduce a man? And there are men who fall for these tricks?? If two people meet and click, they should just go with the flow and not resort to games, even if there is no relationship wanted. I myself am newly married to my sweetie and we met each other over the internet after three years of chatting. Now we have been together for four years. Women, we do not need to play these games!
Reaction: If you know that he smokes go to him to ask for a light. When you light up, look him in the eye and be nonchalant.
Comment: Just a comment on the tips. Every man is different and sometimes he needs a little push but always be honest especially to yourself. As a man, I think an honest woman is a plus. Therefore to make him crazy do what is in your heart and don’t resort to games.
Comment: I personally look down on women who act like this. If she cannot look me in the eye and give me her honest opinion, I say too bad and that I don’t like to play games. It is too difficult to maintain and you would not like it if someone did it to you.
Comment: If you are a man and feel she is playing a game with you, confront her about her behavior. Tell her you are not in love with her and ask her directly what she wants, whether it is a tea party or to sleep with you just once, or even a relationship. If she cannot tell you directly then she will continue with the mind games and it is best to walk away from her.
Response: I have found that this behavior does not work very often. I consider it a no-no. If you are interested, let him know. I feel many women who could have been potential girlfriends of mine missed their chance by playing games like this with me. Now I am a married man to a lovely wife who did not feel the need to play games like this.
Reaction: Tips.

  1. Call the man regularly, when he is at work or with friends just to talk to him.
  2. Visit your mother with him every other weekend.
  3. Do not talk about your exes.
  4. Do not forget deodorant.
  5. Brush your teeth well.
Comment: I am sorry to report that men do still fall for these tricks, so it is not strange that women are not taken seriously. Try to remember things he has told you about himself like how he takes his coffee or what comic books he likes to read so you can prove to him later that you were listening.
Comment: I do not know what planet the writer is from, nor the people who agree with her! But I live on planet Earth and more specifically, in the Netherlands. If anything, Dutch women do not do this behavior described above. They do expect a lot from a man but when it comes to their own qualities they will still critique themselves. We do not live in an American movie, just the typical Dutch countryside where old fashion still reigns.
Comment: What should you do when you go all out to prove to a man that you like him but he just acts nonchalant? I am hopelessly in love and have no idea whether he even likes me or not. There are some things that happened between us and he looks at them more like a joke he said, he acts like he wants me in one moment and the next he ignores me. I try to stay away but when he shows he likes me I can’t stay back! He is so cute!
Comment: I love it! It really works. I have played this game for years and it works every time… Every tip that I read, I thought to myself that I have tried it before and it all works!
Comment: I find it funny, and so true. Now you know how you guys are fooled. Perhaps men are now more straightforward and honest than women? Seems the roles are reversed.
Response: The last step, to ignore a man, seems counterproductive to me. It makes me think of childishness and how children act towards each other. This kind of trick says more about the kind of woman she is. If you want to build a serious relationship do not do it this way. Greetings from a 24 year old man.
Response: Take it from me that you do not need to act this way to get the attention of a guy, and especially not the last step as it will deter many guys. Just be yourself and smile at him. You will notice whether he finds you attractive enough to approach or not. If he does not look back at you it means two things, that he is not interested or is nervous. Often it is the second thing so if you really like him, walk to him and start a conversation yourself. Take the initiative.
Response: I have something to say on this article. The last tip is very nonsensical and I am a guy who would feel very uncomfortable if a cute girl I was talking to all night just vanished and left me alone. I know it seems corny but be yourself! A guy should like finding out who you really are and if he does not then you should just walk away as it wasn’t meant to be anyway.

But in the context of tips and tricks, I have one for you. When you walk past him, look him in the eyes and tell him you want him just with your eyes. Eyes will tell a person a lot. You should not see anything like this as a game.

Comment: Hm, men who fall for this are not my type. Men like this only see us as sex objects while we are much more than that. They fall for this now but later in life this is precisely why they will cheat on us! Okay, I see fun in it as a woman but it seems so fake.
Comment: I’m a 26 year old man and wanted to respond to the five “golden tips” to make men crazy. First, what is so fun about making men crazy by ignoring them and keeping them in suspense? It seems awkward and silly to put yourself in this position willingly. Remember that men have hearts too that can break, even if we don’t show our emotions as often as women. Secondly, try to act and be as small and vulnerable as possible? Pardon?? What century are we living in? I thought women were proud to be strong and independent? Emancipation, girl power… haha. Here is a tip from a man: do not come across as a helpless puppy because most men now prefer a girlfriend or wife who is strong and confident.
Comment: I am a man with a response to the article “How to Make Him Crazy”.

The first five tips are correct for sure, at least to me, but the last tip is simply trash. It is wise to gauge where you stand with a man by seeing how he responds to different situations, but ignoring him is not a good situation to put him in. I’ve been in this type of situation a few times and I put up with it for a few minutes but then just left because I felt stupid.

Comment: What a pathetic, old fashioned bunch of lame advice! You are telling women to act like animals. What woman wants to be seen as a moron? I find these tips equal to what a 13 year old girl would find fun. Simply put, just be yourself and do not hang around with him if you are not interested, but if you are interested, let him know and if you want to speak to your friends without him, tell him you will do that and that you will be back.
Response: Just be yourself.
Comment: In my experience, the last tip is not right at all.

Most men are often straightforward and very clear, it’s a yes or no, simple as that and no hard feelings. Obviously playing hard to get is not hard to decipher and men will walk away.


Besides this, you should not play with someone’s feelings because you would not like it if it happened to you. Eventually karma comes around and you will find out how it feels!

Comment: Hi ladies. I read the comments above and found some to be very negative and some to be lame (be yourself, blah blah). Do not be so negative, this is just a game to see how he will react to you. And let’s face it, it is delicious to see how he will go crazy!
Comment: A man with some intelligence will know that you are playing games with him, of course, and he will figure it out quickly. These games are offensive and irritating. I myself have little respect for any man who falls for these childish games.
Comment: There are many good things here, but I myself have a trick. Put focus on the most beautiful part of your body. Suppose you have beautiful long brown legs, then cross your legs and swing it a little. If you have beautiful hair, play with it, etc.
Comment: I always give him the feeling that he is special. Isn’t that what everyone wants?
Comment: How would a woman react if she was in a conversation and the man suddenly leaves and begins ignoring her?
Comment: Sorry, but this trick helps adolescents and not adult humans, just be yourself!
Comment: I think some of these tips are silly.
Reaction: Ha, ha it seems like nonsense, but it is true! A woman can make men crazy with this kind of games.
Comment: Girls just be yourself. You do not have to perform tricks like a circus act. If a guy does not accept you how you are just walk away and look for someone else who is better for you. There is no need for mind games.
Reaction: What nonsense that you are misrepresenting here. We as women have fought hard for years to be given equal respect from a man, yet this type of game reduces us to sub-standard humans again.
Comment: What nonsense! As a woman you do not need to play a trashy game!
Comment: Hi. I have just read your article and have some tips (even though I am only 13 years old).

Tip 1

Give him all of your attention. Be enthusiastic and offer to get him a drink, smile at him and look him in the eyes.

Tip 2

Flirt inconspicuously with him, for example, by touching his arm or hand. Play absent-mindedly with something like a lock of hair, your glass or a string on your shirt. Act nonchalant but always look at him and keep everything subtle.


Tip 3

It may sound old fashioned but blink occasionally very slowly and deliberately to make your eyes look bigger. Practice in the mirror at home before a date.

Comment: I find this advice quite funny, especially the last tip about ignoring the man. Eventually this will be a mind game and make the man wonder what the silly girl is doing. Then they will ask themselves why the man doesn’t come after her?


It’s quite simple: Because it’s ridiculous to think most men are stupid enough to fall for this trick. Just be yourself and if you like him tell him, if not, just tell him you had a nice chat and go find your girlfriends.

Greetings of a young man 😉

Comment: This is what I always did before a date. I made sure my hands were smeared with a good hand cream so they are super soft, especially on a first date. Compared to his rough man hands, your perfect hands will feel so nice to him. He will definitely notice and feel that you care about yourself enough for him to as well!


Comment: Hello, ladies.

If you take the game too seriously, is it over before it even begins?

Response: Go stand next to him and sniff at the air a little. Ask him about his interests and make some small talk. Then ask him if he is interested in getting some fresh air. When you walk outside with him, close your eyes and say “mm” then step back a bit from him. This tends to drive men crazy for some reason!


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