How to pack your suitcase properly

10 golden rules to pack your suitcase (without too much stress)

How to pack your suitcasePerhaps you have already booked your holiday or maybe you are about to leave. Otherwise you’re probably already dreaming of your summer vacation, even though it is still far ahead. What it also means, we at least find time to devote quite a deal of attention to the case of one of the most stressful moments just before the holidays.

First of all, there is the choice of the size of the suitcase. It’s never actually big enough! Unfortunately, account should be taken of the transport that we have chosen and the way we are going to spend the holiday. But even if we end up going for big, then there is always the risk that we forget something. At the last moment, when we pull the door closed behind us, often phrases shoot through your mind like, “Did I take everything? Have I forgotten anything?” Even in the plane or the car we often check the content of our case.

To leave quietly, we have a few simple rules that enable you to pack your suitcase quickly and give you the assurance that you have everything with you. Here are our rules for an ‘error proof’ suitcase.

  •  Wherever you go, two things are essential: your passport (or ID) and your money (debit and / or credit card). You can buy everything except these two things. Having access to your bank account gives you the necessary security and tranquility during your vacation.
  •  Latchkey and mobile phone are the two other important things. Check with your family members and agree on which of you will take the house keys. By this way you will avoid the risk of losing house keys during the holiday. Continue with evaluating whether you’ll be able to use your phone at the place of destination. If that’s not the case (no international plan, or instead of tri-band there is dual band) then you can leave your phone at home as well. One less thing for you to worry…
  •  Medications. If you are using regular medication, make sure that you have it with you. Please contact your doctor timely, talk to him or her about the required amount and do not go at the last minute only to the pharmacy. If the drugs are not available, you have a problem. If you fly, it is advisable to keep medications with you in your hand luggage.
  •  Leaving your suitcase open on a table or on the floor and putting things a few days before your trip decreases the chance of forgetting things. Every time you see something that you think you need during your vacation, put a note in the suitcase.
  •  Clothing. Choose a subdivision between day wear (for going to the beach or walks through the city) and clothes for the evening (especially on vacation do you want to look super sexy in the evening?).First check all the necessities for one class together, and only then move on to the other. Separate the garments during packing and lay each class separately so you keep the overview.
  •  Shoes. Do not be guided by your intuition and enthusiasm, but ask yourself seriously what kind of shoes you’ll need during the holidays. You should not miss in any case a pair of comfortable shoes for daytime and a pair of high-heeled shoes for the evening. The rest is irrelevant (a pair of slippers is for sale everywhere though).Please stay on the side of caution and take only shoes that you’ve already decided upon.
  •  Creams and makeup. Anti Sunscreens are a must, whether you go to the sea or to the mountains. Please note that you should only use the brands you already know. The holiday is not a good opportunity to experiment. The same goes for makeup and other beauty remedies. Also sunscreens are more expensive on the spot.
  •  Underwear and socks. If possible, take clean underwear for each day with you. Lingerie does not take much space, and who now wants to wash panties with soap and water (if those two things are already available) during the holidays? Good hygiene is important. Not just for ourselves, but also for the people around you.
  •  Books and other “entertainment.” If you like reading, you must also consider which books you are going to take with you. Try to estimate how many books have you’ll need based on your previous vacations. This prevents you to take too many books – read: – which makes unnecessary extra weight. Also think of music (an i-pod or MP3 player is of course ideal, but also because it takes up little space).
  •  Once you’ve put everything together – clothing, accessories, creams, makeup, etc. – the real work begins. Go to any article seriously and consider whether you need it or not. Take all the items that you’ve collected in hand in recent days and ask yourself if it is worth to take it or not. If you do it right, approximately 50% of the objects will fall off. And you’ll find that you have no trouble to get your suitcase closed.

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