How to seduce a man effectively

How to seduce a man effectively

Friends often mutually exchange ideas, opinions and even seduction techniques, especially if they are on the verge of a first date. When you are out with an interesting man, it’s always about ideas, intuitions and experiences.

We also exchange, virtually, advice with our readers. Sometimes they ask our advice, sometimes they give us suggestions about love and seduction, and we have compiled some of our most interesting advice about how to seduce a man effectively.

-Pay attention to your personal hygiene. A girl who cannot care for herself properly is a huge turnoff to a man, and especially if it is the first time you are together. Always wear clean, pretty panties and clean socks or tights. If you have danced all night and go home with him, excuse yourself to the restroom to freshen up all the important parts and wipe away any sweat. Reapply deodorant, brush your teeth and add a few drops of perfume behind your ear if at all possible. Altogether this should not take more than ten minutes if you hurry, so give him a beer to keep his mind busy for a few minutes.

– Do not be afraid to be feminine. A man is not looking for a friend to drink beer and talk about football with. If that were the case, he would not be with you on the couch! Wait, what couch? What he wants is a sweet, feminine and sensual girl to play and cuddle with and perhaps spend an unforgettable night with.

– Take care of your appearance. Of course we are not all top models, we know that, but we can still look good. Pay attention not only to your daily hygiene, but also to your presentation. A sexy lingerie set (which does not necessarily have to be explicit), sophisticated high-heeled shoes and a hairstyle that requires styling all add to your overall appearance and charm.

– Do not drink too much alcohol, especially when you go out for the first time with him. We cannot repeat it enough: do not drink too much. A drunk woman is just not sexy, especially if you cannot handle your liquor and end up throwing up in the toilet or a plastic bag. If you have the idea that you may be one of those women, limit yourself to a single glass, just enough to lessen some inhibitions but not enough to make you sloppy.

– Do not be afraid to say no. Are you surprised to find this point in a seduction guidebook? Do not be too surprised because sometimes it is better to wait than to give yourself wholeheartedly to a man you just met. Some men are more traditional than we might think and to some it is not a good sign if the girl is already sleeping with him on the first date. He might see you as being easy, which is fine for a one night stand but not if you are looking for a relationship.

– Do not be afraid to experiment. Do not let him think that you are only a serious girl who is not willing to try new things. Hold onto your principles but be flexible and have fun with him. One of the things that men often complain about is that women are not often prepared to go with them into an imaginative fantasy. Men love to experiment, they love erotic games and a girl that is willing to try them out with him.

– Do not be afraid to ask. Men cannot read our minds so sometimes we need to tell them what we want, or ask them to do something for us. Do not be scared or ashamed. If you always meet with him, ask if he will meet you someway at a halfway mark. Men love girls who are confident enough to ask things like this.

– Make sure he feels confident. You have no idea how many men feel insecure in bed. We will not go into details, but you certainly understand and may have experienced this. Let him know that you’re fine with him in bed. He will feel more confident and your relationship will benefit from it.

– Do not compare him with your previous lovers. Ouch! This is a very delicate subject! In most cases, it may be highly detrimental to make comparisons. Unless you make a game of it. Sometimes it can be exciting to talk about previous lovers; a lot of men are curious about other men! Really! But generally this is only an acceptable game if the relationship is slightly advanced already. In the beginning this subject is off limits. You do not want to make him feel inferior to your previous lovers, because he will walk away and never look back.

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