How to wear mini skirts

Golden rules for wearing miniskirt

How to wear mini skirts tips

The late 60’s saw the light since the miniskirt popped up in fashion, and it still remains trendy. For this summer, the mini for the umpteenth time (re) is being introduced as a “trend”. Mini darling of ‘naughty’ men and seduction weapon of self-conscious women, knows no time.

But there are limits. And the following are often debated: Is there an age limit? Or length? Or maybe the way you wear the miniskirt?

Increasingly, it seems once insulting “behind lyceum, front museum” is dismissed. With a shrug you say “why not?” If you have beautiful legs, why not show them off? The admiring whistle of horny construction worker would only be a confirmation that you can still afford to wear a miniskirt.

Furthermore, it is precisely valid for our nationals that if they take good care of themselves, with the passing of the years, the best come from the battle. If abdomen and waist increase in size with the years, the legs are often slimmer and more graceful. Wouldn’t it be a shame to deny yourself miniskirt on the basis of your birth?

      1.  Not vulgar

            Okay, we have made the case for the miniskirt. Every woman can wear them, whatever the age is. But there are a few rules that must be         adhered in order to wear a miniskirt successfully.With the combination of mini, fishnet stockings and high heels very few women get away. Go for a mini skirt, and arm yourself with a healthy dose of style. That is the first requirement.

  1.  Straight models are difficult to wear
    Straight models are difficult to wear because they have a lot more challenge than soft radiance flared skirts or skirts with more volume. Moreover straight skirts crawl on thighs when sitting high and there is also less dust to coat.
  2.  The correct length

Which length is the best for your legs depends on the shape of your legs. A golden rule is that the hem should never fall on the “thickest section of your legs” but somewhere slimmer. This brings out the advantageous form of the legs.

  1.  Flat shoes and opaque stockings

Want to go safe, than you combine your miniskirt with flat shoes (ballet flats, flat sandals or sneakers) and with a quite thick pantyhose. But remember that you’re losing femininity with this combination. High heels make your legs longer and moreover that is especially welcome if you wear a miniskirt. A word of advice: if you choose to combine your miniskirt with high heels then go for ultra chic shoes with a more substantial heel and, optionally, a platform sole.

  1.  The cellulite-test

For the summer, when we wear the mini skirt with bare legs, there is in our view a real border: orange peel. Bend over to the mirror. If cellulite comes in sight at the back of your thighs, then it might be advisable to go for a longer skirt (or to deal with them with anti-cellulite creams, massages and targeted exercise). Also go and sit on a chair and cross your legs. If orange peel comes up than it’s the same advice.

  1.  No panties in sight! 

Wearing a miniskirt requires some elegance. If you want to provoke, you have a license to do what you want, but just don’t do it only with the view of your panties. Remember that there is some technique involved in seduction.

The mini skirt on the bike

Don’t just step on a bike with a mini skirt, but you may check if it’s ‘possible’. Here, too, are flared skirts better than straight skirts because they cover thighs more but, on the other hand they also blow back faster.

Sitting in public with mini skirt (especially in bus, train and tram)

Sit down with policy. Iron the fabric with your hands smoothly so your thighs are covered as much as possible, bring your legs close together, bend them down and proceed with caution. For an extra ‘safe’ feeling you put your bag on your knees. In lounge bars, you may try to avoid sitting on one of those big cushions lying around in the low banks.

Be careful with mini skirt at stairs 

In the staircase ‘ladies first’ rule does not apply to miniskirts. Nice try, gentlemen!

 A little security test “for over thirty”

When you’re young, mini is not an issue. But that is different after your thirtieth birthday. The British newspaper the Guardian gave a useful rule of thumb for determining the minimum length of thirty-year olds. Stand with your arms at your sides. The hem of your skirt should not end up higher than your nails (fingers we would say).

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