Winter Shopping Tips

winter shopping tipsUnfortunately, the balance in our bank account usually is not in harmony with the price tags that we see on the windows of the trendiest boutiques with designer clothing. As jeans cost 120 Euros, how can we still buy a blouse, a pair of shoes and a purse? Practically impossible!

That is, if you do not have a heck of a salary (or a rich man!), or you’re a celebrity. In the latter case, the designers in the queue will be given permission for you to dress up. But that’s only for the few. Ordinary mortals (like us) who love beautiful clothes and trendy accessories, and want to have an up-to-date wardrobe in the new season, will have to have a different approach (and especially to make choices).

Here’s some advice that can help you there – even on a limited budget – to run “duration” and look trendy in the upcoming season.

Let’s start with your hairstyle.“We now have to make a hairstyle fitting with our dress.” you think. And yet … It has everything to do with it. Because if you have a good style in your hair, and have a subtle tan, then you immediately obtain a trendy look, and you seem well even in a worn pair of jeans. In other words, if your hair is an ‘old-fashioned’ coupe, then you actually incline to buy trendy clothes because they lose the desired effect. Note: Do not save on the barber. Go for a trendy and experienced hairdresser.
Make clear and well thought choices,and combine. So you can limit yourself to a trendy pants and a trendy skirt – if the budget allows, from your favorite brand or designer- which you combine further with sweaters and cardigans that you have hanging in the closet. Consider your choices carefully before you pull your wallet. The garment of your choice is really trendy? It is seen that it is from the new season, does it refreshes your wardrobe really and can be combined properly? In short, it is ‘innovative’? Select with care and continue with measure. This should be an investment which should bring you enjoyment throughout the season.

Invest in a beautiful winter coat. This is the garment that you will be wearing next season mostly. Find a fashionable model and go for a copy that practically combines with every outfit. Of course price plays a role in your purchase. But also pay attention to the quality, design and material. In an important item like a winter coat you better invest a little more (less to a sweater) because this garment makes all your outfits look better (or makes them trendy). A jacket that falls apart in midseason is simply too shabby.
Recycle garments from the previous winter seasons and combine them with up-to-date clothing. Very critical! With few but carefully selected garments, you can begin the winter trendy and without much investment. Go to work intelligently. If a garment in shape and / or color is out of fashion, hang it firmly in the back of the closet. Maybe it will be back in fashion a few seasons later…
Footwear is an important part of your look out.  A few sexy and trendy pair of boots that you can walk are a must for every winter and are always good investments. If there is anything left after that purchase in the wallet than you could also go for pumps.

Go for up-to-date equipment . Accessories are generally less expensive than clothes. Moreover, they are perfect to update your wardrobe. Go for a trendy bag, a nice belt or a funny wool hat, scarf and gloves in fashion colors of the moment. You’ll have the whole winter enjoyment.

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