IS KISSING ADULTERY?Summer is a season full of temptations and enticements. A season in which we feel airy and sexy. Sometimes we feel less inhibited in all things and may even find someone to kiss in the moonlight… except that he is not your boyfriend.

This happens even to the best of us. If it happens to you, do not worry. We have some common responses below.

I feel so guilty! How did this happen now? I really love my boyfriend a lot, but the other guy was so sexy. And yet, I’ll never do it again.” – Katja emails.

Unexpectedly, I kissed my ex. It was a wonderful, intense and sweet kiss. It was a bittersweet farewell where my current girlfriend has nothing to do with it.“- writes Peter.

I do agree that kissing someone else is okay, but I’ll leave it at that. My boyfriend has no problem with it. He has kissed other girls while we were together also”. – Reports Anoniempje.

If I catch my husband kissing another woman, then I’m going to leave him. Kissing is the most intimate thing you can do with someone”. – An indignant emailer

Is kissing adultery? The responses above shows that this question is not easily answered. It depends on the definition you give to adultery and how your relationship works. But if you assume that it is adultery, then you could maybe post in one of these categories: “Heavy Adultery”, “Moderate Adultery”, or “Light Adultery”. But as I said, the opinions on this will vary.
What do you think? Do you think kissing another while in a relationship is cheating? Do you think you should always tell your boyfriend or should you just keep it to yourself? How would you react if you found out he had kissed another girl?The conditions are important also. Perhaps it was an accident, or you just wanted to see if it was different from your boyfriend, or you were drinking alcohol and were much less inhibited than normal. Maybe you were mad at your boyfriend and did it out of spite. The outcome is much different depending on the circumstance. You should put your relationship under the microscope and figure out why exactly you kissed another person. Kissing your ex is an entirely different beast that raises a lot of questions but we are focused on the kissing of a stranger.

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