Kissable lips Do’s and don’ts

Perfect-Kissable-LipsFull, sensual but also beautiful lips … We all want that. As always, it depends not only on mother nature whether or not you’re blessed with “kissable lips’, but also the good (and bad) habits that we have. It is very often that we are at “fault” because we do not give our bodies the proper care. This applies also to your lips.

Our advice – do’s and don’ts – for super-kissable lips that he cannot keep his eyes away from … (that’s right, buying lip gloss is a good start, if you haven’t already). We’ll start with the don’ts.



Don’ts for kissable lips

Do not bite your lips

By biting your lips, you may temporarily get a beautiful shade of red, it may even seem sexy. But we advise you not to. Do not bite your lips! You will damage them. In some cases you might even cause an infection. Stress is a common reason for biting your lips, try to bite on chewing gum instead of your lips when you are feeling tense.


Do not remove the skin of your lips

If the skin of your lips are visible, then it is a cause for concern. Healthy lips show no visible skin (see below for proper care). But harsh conditions may cause your lips to dry up, and result in the formation of a visible layer of skin. If that happens, do not remove the skin. You run the risk of creating a wound, plus it takes much longer for your lips to be smooth and completely healed. Additionally crusts may form, it doesn’t look pleasant. This also may be a stress-induced habit,  try to get rid of this bad habit by chewing on gum instead.


Do not lick your lips

Licking your lips may (again) indicate stress, but it can also be a sign that the lips are parched. Saliva will not solve the problem. It dries in the air and causes the lips to be drier than before. Therefore, make sure that you always have a nourishing lip balm with you and learn to not lick your lips.


Do not drink (overly) hot drinks

Hot coffee and tea may burn your tongue and lips, causing blisters and scars. Therefore, be careful with hot drinks.


Do not expose your lips to the ever harmful sun.

It worsens your already suffering skin. Therefore always protect your lips with a UV filter. Burnt lips are no fun, as white blisters that results in scars may form. Not really the ideal look for your romantic garden party.


Do not expose your lips to wind or dry air

Always keep a protective balm at hand. Make it a habit not to go out without having placed a tube of lip balm on your bike.  Should you work in an air conditioned room then also keep your lip balm handy. Not only will your skin dry up, your lips will too.



DO’S for kissable lips

Scrubbing your lips!

This is an old trick that we all know. But how much do we use it in practice? Lips should also be scrubbed occasionally like your skin. Use your old toothbrush or a towel that has worn by washing. It takes only a few minutes per week (much less than a body scrub) but delivers optimum results.


Always keep a lip balm handy

Ok, we agree with you. A standard advice, but perhaps the best we can give you. Lip balm anywhere and everywhere. That is the secret for beautiful lips. Go for quality. Wax-based lip balms may dry the lips. It is far better to choose a slightly more expensive balm that also nourishes the lips (for example, well-known pharmacy brands).



Okay, despite your good intentions and care, if your lips do not look good, you can always use a mask on your lips. a. Apply a thick layer of cream (if you do not have it at home, a fatty cream or also vaseline will do) that nourishes your lips. Let the cream be absorbed. After about five minutes, remove the excess cream with a tissue. Your lips will look beautiful again.


Sexy lips with gloss

Full and glossy lips will attract the attention of every man (and woman!). Lip gloss is therefore ideal to make your lips attractive. Here are two tricks:

  • After applying the lip gloss, never press your lips together. Although you may feel compelled to do it, your lips will lose its lustre.
  • Apply lip gloss only on the center of your lips to make your lips appear thicker and fuller.


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