Tips for that first romantic kiss

kissing tipsKissing is perhaps the most romantic thing to do with another person. The first kiss is always a special moment, but a first kiss with someone you do not know well, can also provide the necessary uncertainty. We thought it was a good idea to put a few useful kiss tips. Your advice is also welcome.

Wait for the right moment
It is said to let him approach you for the kiss, but in this day and age you can initiate it. Be sure you look as beautiful as possible.

Find the right atmosphere. Kissing in the nightclub can be very sexy, but if you prefer romance, the warm summer air under the moon is much more magical than a stuffy club with pounding music.

That chemistry
A reader wrote us agree that she cannot cope with the moment before the first kiss because the electricity seems to fry her brain. “He looks at me with those amorous eyes and I do not know what to do.” Our advice: go with the flow and enjoy the chemistry between the two of you. Your body will know what to do automatically.

Groomed lips
Fresh breath is a must
Fresh breath is a must. Brush your teeth and your tongue just before you go out. Make sure you always have gum or mints on hand. The advantage of mints and sweets is that they dissolve in your mouth, unlike gum which can be kind of embarrassing to try to get rid of. Try to smoke as little as possible, especially if he does not smoke. And watch what you eat. Garlic is obviously out of the question.

Soft, moist lips are super sexy. Care for your lips with a balm, and be sure to protect them from the sun.

Beware of lipstick
Men love lipstick in general but do not choose a crimson hue, as it can come off on his skin or clothing. Keep the color natural, or better yet, choose a gloss that is not sticky. This will prevent him from looking like a clown if he goes back to his friends after a steamy kiss with you.

Braces and glasses
If you have braces, kissing presents a unique challenge. You must be careful not to damage your braces. If you wear glasses it is easy to simply take them off and place them in your purse or on the table if they are getting in the way.

Sickness or cold sores
Our advice is: do not kiss! He will not thank you for giving him a cold sore from your first kiss. It is best to stay at home if you are sick or have sores around/in your mouth. These are very contagious. Set yourself up for a first kiss at a more convenient time.

Be creative
French kissing is much more exciting. Bring variation into the kiss; run your tongue over his lips, kiss his forehead, et cetera.

Surrender to the passion
The most important advice is: give in to his kiss. A real kiss would not only be with your lips and tongue. Bring extra passion into your kiss with body language. Press against him, do not let your hands hang at your sides, but embrace and caress him. Put aside your shyness and let go. Your body will do the rest.

How do you end a kiss?
By gently closing your mouth and then moving your head back. Look at him and smile at him so he understands that you do not refuse him, but you liked to kiss him.

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