lipstick stain effectLipstick – we often have a love-hate relationship with it. Be honest: how often has the beautifully painted lips of actresses and models tempted you to purchase colors similar to theirs, and soon does the coveted lipstick descend into the lower corner of your bag – forgotten and unused?


However promising a bright red lipstick seems on the big screen or in a glossy magazine, it is a tad overwhelming for daily wear.


Fortunately, makeup artists and stylists invented the ‘spotty’, ‘home-made’ effect, not only for eyes but also for your lips.Apply the lipstick ‘sloppily’ and you’re good for the streets! For a trendy mottled effect, use your fingers to smear the lipstick on your lips.


Use fierce colors if you wish, but only if you do not apply a thick layer. You can use a brush, or dab your lips with a tissue to provide the desired “just been kissed “effect. Casual but oh so sexy.

Please note!

Not all colors are suitable for your lips. If you have very full lips, like Angelina Jolie, then avoid bright colors. If you have thin lips, then avoid dark colors as they make your lips appear thinner and far less sultry.

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