Look stylish while riding your bike

How compatible is your sports bike ride with your career woman look?

Look stylish while riding your bike to work

Recently, I read an article about women managers who cycle to work. These women all lived abroad and thus in mild climates. Also the distances they traveled daily were not comparable to the numbers of kilometers we Dutch annually kick. One of the women even had the luck that she only had to go to work downhill and the heavy footwork came only on the return trip at the end of the day.

Still, it was interesting to read what these women do for their appearances. Despite the sporty ride to work, they maintain immaculate and stylish career look at work. Time to have some standing here. Did you think about how stylish look of a woman of the world is combined to bicycle ride to work?

Take the time

If you go on the bike to work, plan enough time in each day so you do not have to rush. Keep a serene and steady rhythm to avoid arriving overheated and sweaty at work. Plan further so that you still have some time to recover before you start the day. Just quietly blowing over a cup of coffee (or green tea) is a must up on arrival.

Be prepared for any weather

You remember those days when you got rained on at school? Walking in sopping shoes and wearing soggy pants? Those days were hardly good. Therefore, be always prepared for any weather condition. Always keep a raincoat or poncho (if you ride in skirt or dress) at hand and do not forget to include shoes and to cover them up.

 Beware with heels

Bicycles with heels is not ideal. Moreover, you can bring eventually harm, because the temptation is to place pedal firmly into the space behind your heel. This makes the heel eventually pry loose. It is therefore more practical to leave a few pumps with heels at work. During your bike rides to and from home you can wear comfortable shoes. Once you go to work you shoot in your heels.

 Wrinkle-free clothing

Shoes issue is fairly easy to solve, but less easy is your office attire. Suits, skirts and dresses are not easy to combine with a mile bike ride (baggy pants have at least protection). If you don’t want to crease at work, than you have to look for practical solutions. A large basket on the back of the bike where you can store your clothes (and waterproof!) can help. Once you arrive at your job, you dress up. Another solution is that you ride to work in your ‘underwear’. For example, you wear leggings with something on it (and a jacket over it, of course). The leggings can work during the day as stockings. When you arrive at work, you just have to pick up your skirt or dress out of your basket and shoot a meeting. It will depend on the circumstances (how far you have to cycle, how strict the dress code at your work, etc.) how to further troubleshoot this, but it is important that you pay attention to spending time for planning, if you want to make a good impression.

 Jack vs. jacket

Cycling is perhaps is possible in short trench coats but many you would not prefer to wear in our weather and expose to your bike chain lubricate. Also in this case it might be a good idea hang a classic jacket or coat at work (especially if you need to visit customers or go to lunch with colleagues outside during the day). During your bike rides you should wear a warm and waterproof jacket.

A secure place for your bag 

Also your bag (that ‘it’ bag where you steal the show at work!) must be naturally protected from the weather. Be then forget about cycling. Protect the bag from the rain with a plastic bag and put it in a pannier or basket that you wouldn’t care if it got dirty or wet.

Protect your skin (and hair)

Remember that your skin is exposed to sun, wind and cold while cycling. An adequate protection is in place. Do not forget to protect your skin with an anti-sunscreen against the harmful effects of the sun. If you suffer from rosacea (broken red veins), use a greasy cream that protects your skin from the cold. Do not forget your lips (chapped lips are ugly) and remember that especially the backs of your hands have a hard time (avoid liver spots by using an anti-sun). Dyed hair can be prone to whitening by the sun. This is nice if you are blonde, but less welcome if you are a brunette. In that case, a hat or a sports cap can help.

Refreshing Moment

In many workplaces now there is the possibility to take a shower. That can be a godsend, especially if you have to cycle far. Refresh yourself at least briefly after your bike ride. Pull a comb through your hair, check your makeup, and keep a deodorant at hand. If you are ready to go back to ring then it is time for your cup of coffee (or green tea, see point 1).

Well, who wants to be beautiful, will have to do something for it. That remains the rule. It is not easy to reconcile with a flawless appearance. But there are also advantages of sporty bike ride to work . The bike rides establish a positive impact on your line, you don’t need to search endlessly for a parking spot, and you do not have to keep strictly to the times of subway or train. Convinced?

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