Winter Fashion

LOOKING HOT IN WINTERTIMEWinter with its freezing temperatures is not exactly the favorite season of ‘seasoned’ fashionistas. The thick and bulky winter clothing is anything but charming. Your moving gracefully is no longer possible. Everyone knows that uncomfortable feeling of a thick sweater, thick coat and the unpleasant stinging of woolen scarf. Let’s face it, only a snowman is elegant with them.

In my late teens I braved much to the chagrin of my father (although at those times all of us are clumsy and little fashionable!) With my youthful optimism I preferred to go to school in miniskirt and high heels in winter cold instead of inelegant fur boots. But I persisted to show off my friends and came back from the school with ice-cold and wet feet. I did not wear the red fur boots which had water proof agents injected within.

But youthful optimism wears over the years. Not because the vanity decreases, but mainly because you slowly become aware that your cold face contorted with blue lips is not charming and attractive. And that it may be the best if you’re not dressed quite shabby for the weather.

And… we admit that they are more uncomfortable and less trendy than summer clothes but finally a winter outfit does not have to be a nightmare. The trends in fashion have significantly contributed to it over the years. The strict distinction between summer and winter is canceled. The fashion is bound by fewer rules which recently numerous options have been added. Ex “layer upon layer” is a trend that lends great for the winter season. The comeback of woolen dresses and big woolen sweaters is also to be welcomed.

Further enliven the pronounced winter accessories – supersize scarves, warm woolen hats, hand warmers and leg warmers, thick woolen mittens with embroidery – and they provide a cheerful note to our outfits which especially make us realize that following fashion is beautiful, elegant and even fun! Also on the front, shoes are much improved. Isolation shoes and wedges are much better than conventional pumps.

Furthermore, this winter another front meet the vogue. Tight jeans and slim fit pants are totally in vogue and are a perfect combination with more bulky jackets or woolen winter coats. The secret of a trendy winter look is namely in the proportions: wear bulky garments with slim garments (a big jacket with tight pants or baggy pants with a small jacket) and no one will ask you how many pounds you’ve gained during this winter season.

The solution lies in the contradictions and the contrasts, not only in volume. Also contrasts like winter versus summer, thick materials versus lighter materials, practical versus frivolous provide a warm but cool winter look.

Combine a small woolen dress with flat and especially warm winter boots with thick wool socks and a wool jacket to the knee. Place a cute hat on your head, and around your neck wear a matching, long woolen scarf and you look stunning. You may be totally captivated by the short, cuddly winter jackets or a warm lining and a large hood, but your stomach and back are uncomfortably exposed to the harsh cold. Then long T-shirts, sweaters and tunics offer your hips a solution. They cover abdomen and the back as well and are very trendy among a short jacket.

In the early spring, you can also do a lot with the colors. White and beige were already the winter colors, but will be mostly in early spring as well. And why don’t you combine a little dress from the latest summer collection with your fur boots? “Mix and match” remains one of the keys to a successful hood look. Even if the temperatures are around the freezing point.

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