Love and Colors

 Meanings of Colors and their effects on Love

colors and loveIn love, even the non-verbal communication is very important. Have you ever thought that you could influence a man with the color of the dress you wear to a party? Colors can cause strong emotions and can attract or repel. Each color attracts a certain kind of men.


Meaning of Red

Let’s immediately begin with an aggressive and ultra-sexy color: red. Red is passion, passion and power. When dressed in a red dress or outfit, you will not go unnoticed (it is not a color for wallflowers). Scientific research has shown that even the sight of a red color in the brains triggers chemical changes that increase energy levels, and provide an exciting feeling.


If you decide to dress in all red, remember that you are presenting yourself as a strong woman who is aware of her own sensuality. You will connect with namely tough macho men.Discreet men will admire from a distance, but will not attempt to get to know you.


Meaning of White

White actually has the opposite effect of the color red. Red stands for passion and power, while white stands for innocence and simplicity. Think of the brides who dress in white as a symbol of purity. If you opt for a total white look, you play a sophisticated game. You use a subtle weapon and softens the men with your fragile appearance. Moreover, you get an ancient instinct in them awake, namely the instinct to protect. You will attract especially sweet and protective men.


Meaning of Pink

Pink is a typical feminine and romantic color. Not for  we dress our girls babies in pink to show that it is a girl. Pink also let the sweet and tender side of our character to see.

If you choose pink, you give an elegant way to express your femininity. Pink is less explicit than red, but more feminine than white. In particular, romantic men will fall on you. We are talking about the type of guy that captures your heart with red roses and romantic dinners by candlelight.


Meaning of Blue

Turquoise and blue are soothing colors which indicate harmony. If you wear blue, you give signals of inner peace. You come across as a balanced and independent person without being aggressive. You will attract mature men who love independent women and who are willing to share every moment of their life with you

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