Occasion for Love Coctail

  • in the case of infatuation
  • for Valentine’s Day
  • or every other day of the year

Ingredients of Love Coctail

  • 1 lemon as yellow as the sun
  • 2 tablespoons sugar sweet as love
  • 1 bottle of cachaca, a Brazilian sugar cane based brandy, intoxicating as your embrace
  • chopped ice as a contrast to the fire of your love


Preparation of Love Coctail

Turn the lights low, light the candles and cut the lemon into eight equal wedges. Put them in the most beautiful glass bowl you have. Add the sugar and mix well. Pour as much cachaca as you want to the lemon wedges (the amount depends on the effect you want to achieve). Add the chopped ice and stir all ingredients together with love, then pour the love cocktail into a high, preferably antique glass and put some sultry music on. Serve this delicious love potion and melt the man of your dream’s heart.

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